Tech Tips

March 2015

UCPS Chrome Store

Students are able to access and install Chrome Apps, and are limited to what has been approved by UCPS. Click on the green button below to see approved elementary apps.

Teachers have access to an even wider selection of apps through the Category and List sections of the Chrome Apps Locker.

Schedule an appointment if you have questions about an app or its potential use in the classroom to increase achievement.

Permanent Clipboard

Do you have phrases that you often repeat while typing? Permanent Clipboard is a tool that allows you to save phrases with a friendly name at your fingertips. You no longer need to type "Awesome job completing your homework" every time you need to tell a child. This extension will save these phrases for you.

If interested, teachers can add the "Permanent Clipboard" extension from the Chrome Web Store by clicking on the green button below.

After School Professional Learning

This month's afterschool session will focus on Socrative and ActiVotes/ActivExpression to enhance instruction. These tools help you to personalize the learning you provide in the classroom.