Welcome Back From Winter Break!

WMU January's Newsletter~Motivating Life Long Learners

Dear Families,

As we enter a new calendar year, we want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. We’re looking forward to working together to create impactful learning experiences for every one of our students. There are many exciting events to look forward to the second half of the school year.

A couple of items we want to share include communication of weather delays and cancellations, and how we’re continuously working on emergency preparedness.

Announcing weather delays/cancellations always includes using the best information available about upcoming storms or conditions affecting travel to and from school. Some weather conditions are easier to predict than others such as snow or wind chill factor. Others, like fog or freezing participation tend to be much harder to determine as far as timing or severity. Fog can be really dense in certain areas, but can be much less an issue just a few miles away.

We will do our best to make these calls with as much advance notice as possible, but normally will know by 6:00 AM on a given day if we’re going to cancel or have a late start. Primarily, we will use our Remind app, school Facebook, and local tv stations to get the information out.

The second area we want to share is about how we’re working to be as prepared as possible for various emergency situations. A district team of teachers, administrators and support staff have been meeting and supplying training to staff on things like evacuation, use of tourniquets, and scenarios where quick decision making is necessary depending on the location of a threat in the building. The committee will continue to plan ongoing training for both staff and students in the coming weeks and months. We know how important it is for parents to know that their students are safe, and that staff working are as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency.

An important way for parents and community members to be partners in this is to make sure to reach out to the school if you see or hear of any concerning information that might negatively impact the safety of our students and staff. We want you to feel free to contact anyone at the school, even if you’re not sure if it’s anything to be overly concerned about. It may be a piece of a larger concern that we may have information about that can result in preventing a safety issue to a particular student or to others in our school. Please feel free to reach out to an administrator at any time.

Again, we want to wish everyone a fantastic 2023 spring semester!


Jeff Maeder, Superintendent

Dave Edwards, 6-12 Principal

Karinda Wahls, PreK-5 Principal

Feature Spotlight: Mr. Stevens

Mr. Stevens has been teaching special education at Winfield-Mt. Union for 6 years now. Special education can look very different because there are many different types of special education classrooms. The same goes for what he has done over the years at Winfield such as behavior, resource, and level three programming. Although things change often in special education one thing that remains constant is that the kids are amazing. Here is a brief look into his room this year.

His roster this year has consisted of Kindergarten, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th grade students. The resource side of his classroom allows him to help students to improve on skills in core subject areas to help them to be successful in their general education setting. As you can imagine the instruction for a kindergarten student is far different from that of a 10th grade student, but he loves working with all ages of students. He quoted, "I get the best of both worlds!" This portion of of his teaching is far different from his level three programming.

Level three programming is a completely different program. In this program, students receive most of their core instruction in the special education setting. Students focus on life skill areas with the incorporation of reading, math, science, and social studies. An example, this year they have been working on making coffee and treats once a month as well as meals on Wednesdays that staff members can buy. This is one of his favorite aspects of the job because they get to take all the core skills that we work on daily and show how to use it in their everyday lives. First the students and their paraprofessionals are given a list of items that need to be purchased. Next they go to the store where they have to find the correct aisle for whatever needs to be purchased. The students have to read the instructions to make the meal, using fractions to measure things out. They have to use their serving skills to deliver and talk to staff that have ordered meals or coffee. This is just one of many life skills activities that the students in his room partake in.

Mr. Stevens is an asset to our WMU school community and you can truly tell that special education is his passion. He truly loves what he does and wouldn't trade it for anything. The kids make each day special and always keep him on his toes. The hard work and assistance of the support staff who share the same passion for the kids’ learning help make each day successful. If anyone ever needs a smile, Mr. Steven's encourages you to stop by as he guarantees the students will make your day better.

Welding 2 Students Engage In Opportunity

The Welding 2 students were given the opportunity to tour Cornerstone Building Brands in Mt. Pleasant to see their manufacturing capabilities and learn about what welding in a production setting looks like.

Our students were able to see the factory and talk with the management. We learned how important organization is to a business and how productivity can be hindered when people are not organized with their tools and materials. The management talked about LEAN manufacturing and eliminating unnecessary movement and materials and how it can increase productivity. Our students learned a great deal and we are very thankful to Cornerstone Building Brands for a great informative experience.

WMU Choirs Receives Invite to Perform

WMU Choirs received an invitation to share some festive music at the Walmart Distribution Center on December 12 and 13. Choir Students in Grades 6-12 were able to participate. It was a great time, and we enjoyed sharing some holiday favorites with them! We'd like to thank WMU Alum (and parent of former WMU Music Students) Scott Wade for thinking of inviting us to come, and to John Hemsworth (WMU Music Parent) for his help and being a great emcee for this event.
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Welcome Miss Mettler

WMU welcomes Miss Breanna Mettler to our staff as a third grade teacher. She is a recent graduate from Iowa Wesleyan University this past December. A few of her favorite things include, Coffee, Hobby Lobby, Chocolate, Colleen Hoover Books, School Supplies, Pink & Yellow, and Marshalls. She is just as excited as we are to have her working with our students this school year.

Mark Your Calendars for Our Living Museum and Cultural Fair Night

Our fourth and fifth graders were recently asked to choose one famous people to research. They will spend the upcoming weeks learning about their famous person, and using their newly learned knowledge to create an informational report on their chosen subject.

For the “living museum” portion of the project, each child will need to dress and act the part of their famous person. On January 24, these notable figures from the past and present can be found visiting WMU Elementary School. You never know who you will see! You might find famous explorer Christopher Columbus or famous basketball player LeBron James. It’s possible you could run into Albert Enistien or Betsy Ross.

Please mark Tuesday, January 24, 2023 on your calendars! The “living museum” and Cultural Fair will take place from 5:30-7:00 in the library and second level hallways. This is an event that you will NOT want to miss! Come join us, taste food and learn about traditions from different countries.

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