Boy Tales of Childhood

Roald Dahl

Characteristics of a Memoir

  1. Focuses on a brief period of time
  2. Uses a story format - Must have a conflict
  3. Reveals writers thoughts, feelings lesson learned

4.Writer uses details and language that bring the story to life

What is the specific event that your author focuses on in the memoir?

This focuses on events threw out his life, like the great mouse plot from his dads life to his about twenty years of his life

How many years in the writer's life dose the book cover?

The book talks about his dads life and Roald's life untill he was twenty

What is the main conflict in the memoir?

The main conflict is him getting threw school to him getting a job

What is the climax of the story?

The climax if Roald dhal finishes school

What happens in the resolution?

Roald Dhal finishes school and takes 7 mouth trip to his new far away job

Write a sentence that shows the writer's thoughts and feelings the explain what the author was feeling at this moment:

Alarm bells were beginning to ring faintly in our ears. This sentence describes in a simple way how scared they are that the great mouse plot was uncovered. On page 39

What is the lesson the author learned about life throughout the book?

Everything you do in life leads to something greater

Write an example of figurative language used in the book and explain what it means

It was a weapon for wounding. This small dinky cane could'nt really hurt them

Write another example of figurative language used in the book and explain what it means

The kind of grin a shark might a small fish just before he eats it. Roald Dhal feel that his smile is terrifying.

Find a quote from the memoir that you think is important to the main idea of the book

We all have are moments of brilliance and glory, this was mine.

1. What is the main idea of your book?

Life is short make it count

2. How dose the quote you chose relate to the main idea of this book?

Threw out the book he had many moments of brilliance but this one was the best

3. Why is the quote important to the story?

this just shows in a great way where the climax is and how ecsided he is for it