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Happy Long Weekend!

Hi everyone!

This week has been another week filled with goose pimples (it's a good thing!), warm hearts, and one happy teacher. We had a day this week where every single friend had moved to blue BEFORE 9:30am!! We have received compliments from many teachers about how caring we all are about being respectful, responsible, and safe!

Conference sign ups went home today in your kiddo's tote. Please fill out the questionnaire and choose three times that work for you to meet with me. I will let you know when your time is once I receive your paper. I'm looking forward to sitting down with you all!

Your child participated in an online assessment this week which is brand new to Memorial School - and this teacher is LOVING it so far! I cannot wait to share the data and information with you at our conference and more about how you can help at home.

Enjoy your weekend!



What's Going on in Math?!

This week we started to really focus on number formation and one to one counting with numbers to 10. Kiddos worked directly with me during centers and we learned some fun rhymes to help us remember how to make our numbers. We learned a new game called 'Scoot', which lets us travel around the room in search of numbers. We also learned how to play dominoes, which will be a choice during the morning.

During our morning meeting, we keep track of the number of days of school we've had. Each day we add a straw to the ones place...until there are ten ones! Then we get to bundle those up and hop them over to the tens place (kind of a big deal!). We talk each day about what the numbers in each place mean. Place value is touched upon towards the end of the year and more thoroughly focused on in first grade, but it is a concept that is work upon daily.

Number Poems

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MSAD #15 Vision & Strategic Plan

The Steering Committee that is refreshing the MSAD #15 Strategic Plan is looking for your feedback. Your input is critical as we plan for the future of education in Gray New Gloucester. You can share your thoughts and ideas by completing the survey on our website at or by completing a paper copy of the survey, which is available at the Superintendents Office, Gray Town Office, Gray Public Library, New Gloucester Town Office and New Gloucester Public Library. You can also click the link below and go directly to the survey. If you need additional information you can contact the Superintendent's office at 657-3335.

The Latest in Literacy

This week we have been reviewing letter sounds from the last couple of weeks (b, t, h, and f) and we added some new sounds (m, n, l, r, and i). We have lots of fun ways to practice our letters and their sounds. We learned a song called "Letter Babies", which happens to be sung to the tune of Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby" (I might adore the throwback tunes).

We have letter card pictures that show the letter at the top, a picture in the middle, and the sound written out at the bottom. We read these cards from top to bottom (ex: H, hat, /h/). We have also put motions and movement to each letter. The kiddos are getting so good that when I just do the motion they know the letter!

Next week, we will begin a study of pumpkins. I couldn't help but bring out a pumpkin poem dealing with letter sounds! I have all of the sounds we have worked on thus far laminated on little cards and when we begin, the cards are all flipped so we cannot see the letter. We read the poem together and one friend comes up and flips a card. We read the letter, we say the picture we've associated with that card, and we make it's sound.

Some of you may be wondering about your kiddo and their letter/letter sound knowledge and why are we focusing on this. Well, we do have friends who do know their letters and most of their sounds. We do practice whole group for a couple of reasons: 1) it's great practice and we strive for fluency of letter and letter sound recognition (this needs to be automatic so when we transition to reading, that foundation is strong); and 2) Several not so nice habits have been created in letter sound formation and I want to ensure we're all making and hearing the same sounds (for example: the letter T makes a /t/ sound (like "tip" without the p) and not a "ta" sound. That extra sound placed on the end is what we call a "schwa" - we want to lose the schwa! This whole group practice is an opportunity for all of us (teacher included) to work on the sounds we make.

We also began some rhyming work this week in small groups with me. I told a marvelous story (with the help from my friends and some props - pictures of food) all about the Hungry Thing that goes a little something something like this:

Once upon a time there was this Hungry Thing that came to Memorial School. It

walked through the doors and said "FEED ME!"

The students asked "What would you like to eat?!"

The Hungry Things answered "fleetza!"

The students asked "What is fleetza?!"

And one student (the student with the picture of pizza in front of him/her) said

"fleetza rhymes with pizza!!"

The Hungry Things ate the pizza, then wiped his mouth, and said "FEED ME!"

I repeated the story until all kiddos' food pictures were shared and fed to the hungry thing. This is something you can all work on at home with similar stories as the one above. Recognizing rhyme and producing rhyme is key to successful reading. The more practice, the better!

Finally, we introduced the sight word "see" this week. Now we have learned "I", "a", and "see".

The Hungry Thing Visits Memorial

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Superhero of the Week

Olivia Bedard

Miss Olivia was our super student this week! We enjoyed learning a lot about Olivia this week.

Full Name: Olivia Taylor Bedard

She has one brother (Kaden) and one sister (Payson).

Favorite color: pink

Her hobbies: riding her bike, playing tennis, and going to the beach

When Olivia grows up she wants to be a song writer.

Her favorite thing to do in Kindergarten is play on the playground.

Olivia thinks she is good at playing tennis and singing.

Chrysalis Update

I'm so super bummed right now (and slightly not happy with these creatures) as I think a couple of them will come out of their chrysalis over the long weekend! I was praying one of them (the guy all the way to the left in the picture) would come out today, but it just wasn't meant to be! I'm excited to be able to let a few butterflies go on Tuesday (pictures to come later). We have nine total, so fingers crossed!


MONDAY - No School. No Snack.



THURSDAY - Serenity

FRIDAY - Madalyn

Important Dates to Know

Oct 12th - No School (Columbus Day)

Oct 19th through 22nd - Parent Teacher Conferences with Ms. Montgomery

Oct 26th - Picture ReTake Day

Oct 29th - Early Release (Dismissal is at 1pm)

Ms. Montgomery

Our first week of Mystery Teacher was amazing!! So many friends were making great choices and reminding others about those great choices. I wonder who the mystery teachers were this week.....You guessed it! Ms. Montgomery was on the lookout all week long!