A high sea wave caused by an earthquake or other disturbance


What are some charateristics of waves that into how much damage a tsunami causes?

The bigger the wave, the more damage it's going to cause. This damae includes killing people, ruining lives, and ruining homes.

How do coastal or shoreline features factor into the extent of damage a tsunami causes?

If a building on the shore line isnt very sturdy, the tsunami has a good chance of knocking it down.

What role could a tsunami warning system play?

It plays a big role because it warns us for when its coming and for us to be fully alert.

Safety and Evacuation

Related Hazards

• Powerful waves that approach coastlines at high speed

• Moving debris caught up in the flow of water

• Flooding of coastal areas

Evacuation Plan:

We believe that there’s so little time. For example, in Kwajalein we have 22 minutes, in Samoa we have 19 minutes, and in Dutch harbor we have 13 minutes so the only plan that we all have is to go to the highest mountain there is in those islands. Leave the shore and stay as far away from the water as possible. I believe that there’s hope for some people.

Pictures of the damage


Tsunamis occur most frequently in the Pacific

Particularly along the "Pacific Ring of Fire". This zone is found at the northern edge of the Pacific Plate and refers to the geologically most active fields of the earth.


Speed=Gravity x depth of water