Mrs. Sumner's Classroom News

September 8, 2015

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Academic Corner

Academic Corner

Reading - We will be reading "Cat's Colors" by Jane Cabrera. Students will be learning to make connections to the text.

Math - Begin Topic 2: Comparing and Ordering 0 to 5.

Math Key Terms: greater than, less than. and equal

Students will be able to identify whether the number of objects is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group, by using matching and counting strategies.

Letters of the Week: Ss,Kk

Sight Words of the Week: we, can, run

Writing: Continue MAISA Unit 1: Oral Storytelling.

Students will tell stories using a story telling voice and good listening skills.

Michigan Model: Learning to Show Respect and Caring

Mrs. Sumner

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Important Upcoming Dates

September 11th - Walk-A-Thon (please turn in envelopes this week)

September 22nd - Clubs Start

September 25th - Homecoming/Popcorn Friday

October 2nd - Harvest Day


I am not a big believer in sending a bunch of homework home in kindergarten, but I do love it when families work with their children on tasks that they are learning in school. Below are some suggested ideas to have your child work on throughout the week.

Monday - Practice writing first/last name. Make sure that they are using only a capital letter at the beginning of their name.

Tuesday - Count to 100

Wednesday - Practice writing numbers 0 - 5.

Thursday - Find objects around the room and have your child tell you the first sounds.

Friday - Find 4 objects around your house that are the shape of a rectangle, square, circle, and triangle.

Remember to read 20 minutes a day!!