born 2 be wild

say no to exotic pets

do not keep exotic animals as pet

Look what animals did to us

many people got killed by exotic pets

Many people every year get killed by Exotic Pets.

Bears have hurt us 28 times and killed us 4 times.

Big Cats have hurt us 164 times and killed us 21 times.

Elephants have hurt us 52 times and killed us 14 times.

Whales have hurt us 9 times and killed us 2 times.

Primates have hurt us 129 times and killed us 0 times.

Reptiles have hurt us 103 times and killed us 19 times.

Deer have hurt us 58 times and killed us 16 times.

Look what we did to animals

animal kills and injures

We hurt 2 Bears and killed 6 of them.

We hurt 8 Big Cats and killed 55 of them.

We hurt 7 Elephants and killed 11 of them.

We hurt 0 Whales and killed 3 of them.

We hurt 7 Primates and killed 30 of them.

We hurt 18 Reptiles and killed 43 of them

We hurt 13 Deer and killed 52 of them.

real life stories