Implant Helps Deaf 3 Year Old

Deaf 3 Year Old Hears For The First Time

Deaf 3 Year Old Hears For The First Time

The surprised look on the face of 3 year old Grayson Clamp's broke the hearts of many people bringing them to tears. His expressions tell it all. The look on his face said it all. It was the first time that Grayson had heard sound.

Grayson was born deaf. He was born without a cochlear nerve, which connects the brain stem to audio waves in the outside world. His parents Len and Nicole Clamp were Grayson's foster parents when he a newborn, but their love for this bright little boy turned to a joyous day when they were able to adopt him as their own.

Auditory brain stem implants have been available for adults but Grayson was the first child to receive such an implant.

Grayson now has an external speech processor containing a microphone. The processor breaks up sounds into their frequency components and sends that information across Grayson's skin to an implanted device. The device then stimulates electrodes on his brain's cochlear nucleus. The electodes are ploaced where his cochlear nerve would have been.

"He's sound aware, but we don't know what exactly he hears," Buchmahn said. "We're relying on the plasticity of brain to start to sort this out."

The implant is powered by a battery that is outside of Grayson's body. The biggest risk occurs during surgery as the brain can be bruised when doctors place in the device.

Grayson is discovering all kinds of new things about his world now. Grayson often runs to the radio as he is drawn to the music.

Watch the video below to experience the heart moving expression on Grayson's face.

Amazing moment deaf three-year-old boy hears for the first time