SMAMS Library

End of year report

Looking Back

The 2014-15 school year was a great year for the SMAMS Library. The library had success in providing resources to teachers, collaboration, and promoting reading. In addition to this, we had success in community outreach and community service.

Collaborative Lessons: Highlights from the year


In the library, we are doing the best to meet our building's technology needs with what we have. Teachers have been incredibly flexible with sharing the lab and finding creative solutions to our high demand. We look forward to any improvements that come in the future.

Currently, the library lab is used for data gathering (Study Island, MobyMax, and CDTs), collaborative projects, library lessons, and various teacher needs.

Reading Incentives

Circulation Statistics

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Library circulation continued to rise. Various reading incentive programs and school wide promotions are helping us build a culture of readers.

The average date of the collection (the average of all of the copyright dates) is also increasing. In 2012, the average date of the collection was 1984. Currently the average collection date is 1989. This improvement was made possible by all the support of our administration. Without a healthy budget, assistance in writing grants, and support when materials need discarded, we would not have been able to make this library more modern.

Community Outreach


One big movement in the library world is the makerspace movement. This movement encourages students to solve problems and become one with their inner inventor. We field tested a structured makerspace with a 6th grade study hall group during quarter 1. Students completed activities aligned with their interests. Activities ranged from duct tape crafts, to intro to coding, to making beaded geckos.

I plan on expanding this next year by creating a "makerspace" and having challenges for students to complete. I've been looking at success programs in other districts to see what would work best for us.

Book Fairs

We successfully held two bookfairs this year. Funds from these fairs were used to buy books for the library and two video cameras for teachers to use for projects.

The fall bookfair aligned with parent-teacher conferences. The spring book fair alligned with Read Across America Week. The book fair and the bookmark drive provided a great opportunity to advertise reading and create a dialogue about reading.

Professional Development