Why A C? Why Just No Grade At All?

Its Not Fair! Why Its Just Not Fair!

Why Do We Need A C To Play A Sport? Why Aren't We Allowed To Play With Any Sport?

Why Do The Kids That Try Out For A Sport Need To Have At Least A C To Get Into A Sport?

Thats Not Really Fair Because There Are Kids Out There That Like The Sports But Because They Are Doing So Poorly In There Classes They Can't Sign Up For Any Sport.

I Know For A Fact That Many Kids Would Report This Because Obviously Its Not Fair!

A Lot of kids at school are very good at school sports, but there is a rule. OK theres a rule but why cant that rule be taken away?

It truly isnt fair.

Why Do We Need A C Or Above?

For you to be in a school sport, you need to have a C or above. Why?

that doesn't make any sense. If a kid wants to join a school sport, then let them join. Who cares about the grade?!? Does it have to be like this? Its Not Fair At All!

OK i understand that the school law is for you to have a C to join but they have to understand that some students just don't really understand much in school, and the really can't do much work. Especially all the spanish kids that don't know how to speak english. MAN YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY THINK THIS THROUGH!