Bob and Sal!

The amazing sibling duo!!

Who is Bob and Sal?

Bob and Sal are the brother and sister pair that are here to save the day from evil Timmy tantrum! But, the only person who can help them is YOU!!!! Help defeat Timmy Tantrum with Bob and Sal and their magic carpet! Help them go on top secret missions! Help them with ANYTHING you can come up with! The sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination!

The toy's that will give you more!

EVERYONE is lining up to buy Bob, Sal, and Timmy Tantrum! Why not buy this package, too?

"Bob and Sal are the best friends that all the kids at school dream of! They are AWESOME to play with, and I help them defeat Timmy Tantrum! I LOVE Bob and Sal!" - Hamilton Rico (age 7)

What comes in the set?


$9.99 for the whole set!