Blue Mountains National Park

by Bede


The Blue Mountains National Park is located west of Sydney near Katoomba. It is part of the Great Dividing range.


There is a variety of native flora in this area. You will see many different plants including the narrow leaved peppermint, Mountain Devil, Scribbly gum and the Waratah.

Fauna - Endangered species

Some animals that may be seen include snakes, dingoes, echidna, long-nosed potoroo, green and golden bell frog, and koala. Some of these are endangered species.

Culture and Heritage

The indigenous people and their tribes take as much care and respect for their homeland as they can. They live in harmony with their natural environment.
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Visitor attractions and park facilities

Scenic World is a popular tourist attraction on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park. It includes the world's steepest railway, cable car and skyway. It has great views of the Three Sisters.

Blue Mountains National Park is open all year round.

Park rules / Responsibilities of park users

Observe all signs,

Take all rubbish with you,

Don't damage the flora and fauna in the park,

Observe all fire bans.

Experience Nature at its best