Ha Long Bay

Geographic Patterns

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is located in north eastern Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a common tourist destination in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is a lovely piece of scenery, it shows off the beauty of limestone and the bay. Ha Long Bay has been apart of UNESCO's World Heritage sites since 2000 and has received many awards for its rare landscape. Economically the region is mainly funded by tourism and fishing, these are the main sources of income. The main religion in the area is buddhism and many festivals and ceremonies are held each year to show their faith.

Development of the nation


Ha Long Bay has developed into a majestic tourist destination, what attracts the tourists is the way the limestone has be able to form over the last 500million years. Ha Long Bay's scenary has been formed by a combination of erosion and withering.


Ha Long Bay has evolved economically by its fluxuating number of tourists visiting this destination each year. Another key reason is the middle working class adapting their role to benefit from the increase of tourism.


Historically Ha Long Bay has played a key role in the Vietnam war and also early trading routes. Ha Long bay is adapting and a developing country that has been a key to many other countries growth.


The small settlements in and along Ha Long Bay commonly follow buddhism, this is relevent as it affects the way they live their day to day lives also the what traditional ceremonies and traditions they follow.

Identifying Geographic Questions


-How key is religion in the region of Ha Long Bay?

The key religion followed in Ha Long Bay is Buddism.

-How are traditions and ceremonies celebrated in Ha Long Bay?

Ha long bay celebrates the falling of the new moon which takes place each month, a festival is held and its a tradition.

-Why is Ha Long Bay so frequently visited by tourists?

The destination is so frequently visited by tourists, becuase of its magestic scenary and also because it is a world heritge site.

~What if their was no religion followed in Ha Long Bay?

~What if christianity became the main religion in Ha Long Bay what affect would this have?

~What if major infrastructre was built in Ha Long Bay?


-Why is Ha Long Bay named Ha Long Bay is there any historical significance?

Just like many other Vietnamese towns Ha long bay gets its name from a legend about an invasion many years ago.

-How long has Ha Long Bay been an heritage site?

Ha Long Bay has been listed as world heritage site since 1994.

-How was Ha Long Bay significant in the Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam war many of the channels of Ha Long Bay were heavily mined and it was a certain factor during the war.

~What if Ha Long Bay wasn't apart UNESCO's Heritage sites?

~What if Ha Long Bays's name was changed?

~What if the region didnt exist during the Vietnam war?


-Why is Ha Long Bay a World Heritage site?

Ha long bay is a World heritage site because of its scenary and ancient limestone walls, it is a defiantly breath taking place.

-Who discovered the native flora and fauna in the region?

The native flora and fauna was first discovered by the settlers of the lands.

-Why are most of the islands uninhabited?

Most of the islands are uninhabited in Ha Long Bay because there is no constant food source.

~What if all of the native animals to the region became extinct what affect would this have on their environment?

~What if climate change drastically increased the water supply, what would the affect be on the settlements?

~What if the bay became polluted, would this affect the wildlife?


-Why is most of Ha Long Bay's habitants middle or lower class?

Most of the habitants are middle or lower class because the population consists of fisherman, farmers and labourers.

-How big of apart is tourism in the economy of Ha Long Bay?

Tourism is the biggest cause of income in Ha long bay as it is visted by thousands every year.

-How does the high rate of fishing affect the region financially?

The region is economically stable as fishing is a growing industry in Ha long bay.

~What if Ha Long Bay had a financial crisis?

~What if a city was built in Ha Long Bay, would this be a positive or a negative?

~What if tourists were banned from Ha Long Bay, what would the affects be?