South Africans are known to be fighters,since the beginning of time we fought many wars and we won them not because we had any weapons NO! but because we stood together as one. We conquered colonialism and apartheid and now we are left with this Goliath namE Poverty, we all know that the system we are under was not designed to give us financial freedom. But mr Sergey Mavrodi came with the system that favor all of us. Media and banks came after us,they shot all the arrows but we fought and won because we believe in the system but they left our system bruised to the point of death,and yet our system is not death now i am asking,why did you join MMM From the first place? Did you join because you had that this was quick get rich scam? Did you join because you saw your neighbor buying something new everyday and you were jealous of them and you also wanted to prove a point and that is why after they told you about MMM you didn't join under them but sneaked and joined under strangers who do not even take care of you? Why did you join our movement? Did you think that this was gonna be a smooth ride? How can you take meat out of a LIONS mouth and expect them not to run after you? What ever your answer may be,keep it to your self. Let me tell you why i joined . I joined MMM because it brought financial justice and oneness,this system gave me the confidence and hope that i am not alone someone out there is ready to listen to me and help when i need money, This is the only system that united us South Africans and became one again. Money i want but security and liberty of being a slave of money i need,MMM brought that to me.If you were in because you wanted to be rich and brag about it am sorry but it is time to rightfully take what is ours. OUT OF THE ASHES MMM IS RISING AND NO DEMON IS TRAINED ENOUGH TO STOP US!!!!