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The Archives War

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News has spread across the country and on to the Austin news.Today we have reported a horrible war going on that started a month ago.Here is the story on the Archives War.

The Archer War(detail)

The Archives war was due to Mirabeau B. Lamar's actions against Mexico. Mexico has been launching raids against Texas. President Houston has ordered archives and records to be sent over to the capital.Most of the people opposed the move due them thinking it meant moving back into Houston. The most important leader in this fight was a woman named Angelina Eberly who fired at men who were loading documents onto wagons.Eventually the Archives War ended with documents in Austin. Sam Houston who at the time was president made a quote"Make sure that this can never happen and that Texas will have have better leaders in the future".After that The woman that fought during it made a quote saying"I think all woman should fight for Texas so that the next generation isn't harmed". The Archives was a day to remeber in Texas history.