Brain Jacked(dub)

Washington's best seller of 2020: now $0.60

Sam's injustice

God i hope this letter reaches him... Hey Rick, I got stuck in prison. I won't say how, but i need to have some info on what expect and what possibly what kind of system this place runs on. i'm at Recton Hall Juvenile Detention Center in Brookmont Maryland. I still wish i could have at least got a trial on this, but i guess it fair in a sense...

OK i got your letter i got your letter from the Prison and i have to say. i'm surprised that the police to you to a Prison so far, but oh well. there's the rule of all prisons which is don't drop the soap and second... if there is a computer system there, it probably is linked to a central server, destroying that will most likely sever the connection to back up forces. i hoped that helped.

This Just in, the book "Brain Jacked" has been nominated to become a movie

This is coming from a directors stand point, but... i'm sure you will love it. I am the head director of this Movie, i can tell you this so far. "A movie where a young boy meets his destiny to become one if not the greatest hacking in Americas history. fighting for the greater good of this beloved country, containing suspense (Get down) drama, (what are we going to do, Swamp witch is out of control, more suspense (Get down again) and vast friendships. Starring Gabe Newell, Will Swith, and Mark Fichbach. Heres the real trailer if your still here: after Las Vagas has been destroyed, Sam Wilson decides to go to a strange hackers convention. little did he know he was about to get the shock of his life when he is accepted to a secret agency to defend america and its people over the internet. will he succeed. find out on this movie.

Prison Break

Sam Wilson- a confused yet intelligent, male teenager is sent with Dodge to stop someone from hacking into a nuclear power plant by sabotaging the data the rouge hacker has obtained

Dodge- an ally to Sam and is somewhat idiotic but is in the same league of hacking as Sam. he is a male character who is one of the first to find out about the power plant hacker