by Keshon Jones

Is it renewable?

Coal is no renewable because coal takes millions of years to form.

Coal is a fossil fuel that was formed by dead plants

Coal was first found millions of years ago in swampy lakes. Today we find them underground in different parts of the United States.

How does coal work to produce energy?

1. Heat is created

Before coal is burned it is mixed with hot air and is blown into a firebox.

2. Water turns to steam

Purified water is heated up to 1000 degrees farhrenheit and is turned into steam.

3. Steam turns the turbine

Steam pushes a giant blade to turn the turbine

4. Electricity is produced and is transferred to a generator.

The generator then sends the electricity to a source.

What are the uses for coal?

Coal is mostly used for energy but it has many more uses than just supplying energy.

Coal also can be used to make steel,that used to be the main use back in the older days but since technology has token over the primary use for coal was as a energy source.

Coal was onced used to heat homes and power locomotives.

Products made through coal.

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Who uses coal.

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What is the cost to using coal?

coal is curently one of the most expensive energy sources in the United States.

coal has cost the U.S. between 345 and 534 billion dollars. we tried burning more coal to reduce the prices but they went up even higher.

what is coals environmental impact?

coal has a very negative impact on the enviorment such as:

~ coal gives off carbon dioxide

~ coal increases the chance of acid rain

~ coal causes air pollution

The Health Impacts of Coal

what are advantages to using coal?

~ large amounts of eletricity are produced

~ coal is avaliable in most places

~ helps with the production of other energy sources

Pros and Cons of Coal Power: In a Nutshell