School Vaccinations

Make vaccinations needed!

Vaccinations are needed in Schools

Vaccinations have been disputed upon for many years, mainly because of disputes on whether or not they should be mandatory for children to have. Considering the amounts of viral diseases that there are, however, and how quickly they can spread, the diseases should definitely be mandatory, even the ones that are just released.

Mandatory Vaccinations: Which ones?

The mandatory vaccinations don't have to cover all diseases, mainly the major ones. However, a strict schedule should be maintained on these diseases, especially diseases like polio. Since polio is a rapidly spreading disease, it must be contained, for the amounts of children affected when the polio epidemic hit the US. However, that time is over, mainly because getting the vaccine for polio has become mandatory for doing many things, including going to school. However, this type of mandatory vaccinations are not in place for diseases such as H1N1, which was a major scare just a mere 2 years ago. The vaccinations should be mandatory for the diseases that are either a very big risk to our society, caused a huge epidemic in our country, or caused a big scare.

Do Vaccines truely work? YES!

Example: Polio numbers.

Polio has been a disease that extends into prehistory, and it was major until the the 20th century. However, in the 1880s, major epidemics in Europe began to happen, and widespread epidemics soon occurred in the US. By 1910, frequent epidemics became regular events worldwide, and at its peak in the 1940s and 1950s, polio would kill half a million people every year worldwide. However, with the development of 2 vaccines againsts polio, the viral infection has been eradicated from all but 4 countries in the world.

Aren't vaccinations dangerous?

Many people are scared about the side effects of vaccinations, and I would agree, vaccinations can be dangerous, if a whole bunch of them were taken at the same time. That combination would be lethal, almost like putting a kid in a container full of concentrated influenza. However, what i really want is for the kids that are going through our school system have a list of mandatory vaccinations that should happen before they hit kindergarten, and it should definitely not be all in one sitting. Also, the vaccinations should continue throughout the entire school system, and even into adulthood if possible. Yess, relaxing the amounts as we get older is fine, of course! This is just to help our kids develop their immune system to protect them againsts diseases that can kill them in no time flat.

All I am saying here is that the kids in our school system should have proper vaccinations in place to protect themselves and their fellow classmates, and this will protect them into their future.