Economics Course Update

Oct. 24th


Grades have been updated. If your grade is lower than you like, then make sure you turn your work in ON TIME and turn in QUALITY work. These 2 things will almost definitely ensure success! I will be posting the remediation activities in the next week or so, please be sure to read the news items for this.

As always, if you have a question or need anything, please email or text me.

Where we are at....

I am seeing an increase in students not turning in work. Some of the work is late and some is not getting turned in at all. Just a reminder, this course is a REQUIRED course for graduation.

Let us get where we need to be so we can go where we are supposed to go....GRADUATION.


  • Please do not rush through assignments, turn in QUALITY work.
  • Take your time and review BEFORE you take the quizzes and tests.
  • Make sure you turn in the correct assignment and using the correct formats in the drop box.
  • Follow your schedule!
  • Log on daily if possible.
  • Read the news items- there is important information there.
  • Check your GaVS email DAILY.

Student Toolbox

Go here for tips on BrightSpace and Office 365. There are many helpful videos and tutorials that answer pretty much any question you may have.