What goes around comes around

By Bri Hibner

What Are Toxic Materials?

Different Metals and chemicals settle on the bottom of local bodies of water. These materials can be eaten by bottom feeders and passed up the food chain all the way to humans. These metals and chemical are called toxic materials and the most common ones are mercury, Dioxin, PCBs, PAHs, and radioactivity. These all sound like harsh materials that seam as though its hard to get them into a marine life ecosystems but they all have their different ways and there different effects on people and marine life.

Amounts of Toxic material

There is about 70,000 chemicals known right now in the u.s, with 1,000s of new chemicals being produced every year. How much of these chemicals get into the water, we don't exactly know. In sampled areas less than 5% was above an unacceptable levels of toxins. Lots of acts were formed to clean up the toxic materials over the years

Lots of acts have been passed since 1890 protecting oceans. In 1890 River and Harbors act was passed and it prohibited any discard of dredged material in inland and coastal waters. In 1972 lots of acts were pass that prohibited the disposal of waste in oceans. In 1973 an act was passed that ships can't dump oil into the ocean. Finally in 2000 any dumping of really anything into a body of water was prohibited. Also the dumping of radioactive materials is directly prohibited.

All of these acts have helped with the oceans toxic pollution levels go down over the years. Toxic materials are hard to get rid of and may never go away. This is why people must think into the future before they do something now.


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