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A warm welcome to new student Emma O'Brien and her family as they join Ms. Chun's class and our WHE community!

2nd Grade Basket for GALA AUCTION!!!

From Hannah Cutrona (mom of 3 WHE girls)

Hello Parents!

Our Annual Gala is fast approaching and you know what that means? The competition is on for who can build the best Grade Basket! The basket that goes for the most money at the Live Auction on March 21, 2015 will win a Pizza & Ice Cream Party!

To get started we have to come up with a great anchor item or two. For example, you reply, “ Hey, I have a vacation home in Palm Springs that I could donate for 2 nights”. Great! We have a theme. "Dessert Delight!” Don’t laugh, the names will be better by that night, I promise. We then throw out the idea to the whole class….maybe suggest some nice sunglasses, a gift card to Las Casuelas, tickets to the PS Tram and presto, we have a basket. Basically, after we get feedback from all of you, we’ll start to piece together the donations and create a basket.

Some ideas from the past years are as follows: Lakers Mania, The Ultimate Staycation (local luxuries), All Star (baseball theme) and Pop Rock (tickets to concerts & cosmetics).

Please get back to me if you have anything we can start with or ideas for a theme. I will leave a box in the classroom or can coordinate a pick-up with you once we get started. We must fill out and attach forms to the items once they start coming in. Here is a link to the donation form:

Please write "For Second Grade Basket" somewhere on the donation form before you turn in your item to me. Very important: Please don’t turn in anything w/out a form!

This is one of the most exciting, biggest DEALS of the night so let’s WIN this and make loads of money for our kids!

Thank you!

Have a great rest of the week!