Changes Through the Years

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Garfield's Image Through the Years ( 1978-2014 )

Garfield has changed a lot through the years. As you can see below in 1978 his cheeks were droopy, and his eyes were small. Also in 1978 he usually walked with 4 feet on the ground, but that stopped when somebody told him how to draw him on two feet. In 1984 he got smaller ,and his cheeks got smaller too. There's not much change in 1988, but in 1992 his eyes are bigger, and his whiskers are bit longer. In 1996 His face becomes clearer, and in 2000 his nose got bigger. And right now in 2014 his stripes got smaller, and lighter.
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The garfield strip started with 41 newspapers, and in 1 year it turned to 100 newspapers and it spreads like wildfire untill now which it has about 2580 newspapers, and its maybe still growing a little bit.
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The garfield strip started with garfield cat, and his owner Jon. Odie the dog later appears in June 26, 1979. Garfield teddy bear pooky first appears in October 23, 1978