by: Timothy Verriere

What is the Hydrosphere?

It is all the water on the earth's surface, such as lakes and seas. Sometimes including water over the earths surface such as clouds

Importance of the Hydrosphere

Each living cell is made up of 75% water, which allows cells to functions. Many gasses and nutrients are dissolved in water. This is critical for life in the ocean or other bodies of water.

Life in the Hydrosphere

Coral which is a plant, fish which are animals, sharks which are animals, sea turtles which are animals, whales which are animals, seaweed which is a plant, etc.

How does the Hydrosphere depend on other spheres?

the atmosphere gives the water oxygen to then give to fish and other animals so that they can live without the atmosphere all animals would be dead. It needs the lithosphere because some of the animals in the hydrosphere need land to maybe lay their eggs or to do other stuff to stay alive. The animals in the hydrosphere depend on the plants in the in the biosphere so that they can breath and get oxeygen