Fish in the Sea

how it all began...

from the begining...

Long ago, there was a sorrowful god named Poseidon (he is the god of the sea). Poseidon is a smart, tall, powerful god who thinks he knows all because he was one of the first gods along with Zeus and Hades. He was sad because under the ocean, there is no one but him. This got him thinking one day, he knew he was a god and he could do anything he wanted. One thing he didn’t know, evening a god, was that every action and choice he did would have a consequences, good or bad. Poseidon always thought that you could never have too much of anything, he always thought in a godly way; the more the merrier. All the gods had a territory or name in which they are known for, since Poseidon was god of the sea, the other gods could not stop him from doing anything he wanted. Poseidon wanted to create an underwater friend because of this solid logic. If Zeus (god of the sky) got to create the flying sky creature called the bird, Poseidon should be able to create the sea creature called a fish!

the problem has begun.

Poseidon spend days brainstorming ideas about how his underwater friends could breathe underwater, swim fast, and how they would look. He finally decided to give them features called fins and gills (fins=swimming and gills=breathing). These creatures were created with every stomp of Poseidon’s magic trident. He went mad with power creating all different kinds of these new species: big ones, small ones, colorful ones, dull ones, even scary and cute ones, soon there were to many to control and the entire ocean went crazy! Poseidon didn’t know what to do so he went to Zeus for help knowing he had created things before. Zeus decided to turn down his poor, frantic brother and said,” The ocean is not my concern.” Poseidon was now on his own.

how the problem was fixed

When he returned to the ocean, he found that his fish had started multiplying and now it was even more hectic. Poseidon frowned upon his frantic friends. In the sea, it was too insane for him to think up a godly solution. He was forced out of his own territory to a village along the coastline. Poseidon liked the quite place; it helped him stay calm. He thought about his problem all morning while the people in the village went on with their

day as usual. Poseidon watched as the mortals and saw how poor and hungry they were, “skin and bones was all the humans were,” Poseidon thought to himself. At that time, Poseidon had a great master plan….. He showed the village his fish and told everyone to catch and eat them for food. This really helped the village survive and took a great number of fish out of the sea. The village no longer looked sad, starved, or weak. Poseidon had saved them!

what you should learn from this situation...

The village now became fishers of this new species. The meat was passed around and now, fish is a large part of all diets. The population of fish went down and everything was under control in the ocean. This is how fish came to be and Poseidon learned that he does not need thousands of friends to be happy. As long as he has a couple of good ones, he would be satisfied. Also, he learned that to much of something can cause a disruption, the god has now learned that everything and everyone has consequences; even gods.