The wealthy city

By Ben Lubiens


The city of wealth, the city of trade, the city of power, the city of sports, and the city of a architectural master piece, the Hagia sophia
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Daily Life in Constantinople

If you come to Constantinople you are very likely to come to one of our most well know activities: Chariot races. These races take place in the stadium called the hippodrome. It can hold up to 100,000 people so if your interested in going you won't have to worry about it being full. If you decided to come to Constantinople with something tradable then your in luck. Constantinople is the center of trading. People come all the way from Britain and China to trade stuff here. Are you low on silk? Got that. Are you low on flower? Got that. So market and trading is a big part of daily life in Constantinople.


The city of Constantinople is located in-between the Mediterranean sea an the black sea so when your going to Constantinople you won't have to worry about attacks while in Constantinople and even if Constantinople was being attacked the coast is ringed with harbors so it will be very hard to get in.


Here in Constantinople religion (the Orthodox Church) is very serious. The emperor that lives here is considered the living representative of god. If you come here then you will be going to church regularly. If you get sick our monasteries will take care of you. A lot of art in Constantinople is religious with pictures of saints or of Jesus.
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The Emperor of Constantinople was Justinian I. He was a good conurbation to our emperor because he wrote the Justinian Code which was a code that revised old rules and extended woman property rites. He also organized the building of one of the greatest buildings in the history of the world the Hagia Sophia. But try to not start a rebellion while your here because if you do then you might get murder. One time some people tried rebelling against him and they got killed. But otherwise Justinian I is a pretty good leader
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