Roadrunner Review

July 2020

Informed Decisions

Roadrunner families please know that we cannot wait to all be back together. The staff has been working all summer to ensure that we are ready to return. How that looks is going to be different for everyone. The decision on how to start the school year will be unique to each family. My goal is to keep you informed as to what each plan looks like. The district is providing two options for you. The first option is the Virtual Transition Plan (will convert to in person instruction when schools are allowed to open. This option will:

  • Start online with a synchronous instruction model where students get daily interaction with their teacher.
  • Students will be assigned a teacher and will move from online to face to face with that teacher.
  • Grades will be recorded.
  • Attendance will be taken each day.
  • Google Classroom will be used.
  • When students start back in building we will follow guidelines for social distancing.
  • Masks will be required when social distancing cannot happen. (large transition times)
  • We will have lunch, recess, and special area each day.

The second option will be Chandler Online Academy. This option will:

  • Feature at least three live daily interactions.
  • Have a typical school schedule to follow each day.
  • Utilize Florida Virtual School (FLVS) curriculum.
  • Require 3-5 hours of access to a computer daily.
  • Attendance will be taken daily.
  • Grades will be reported.

Please submit your decision to CUSD by July 14, 2020. If you need assistance navigating the parent portal or submitting your decision you can call the school and we are happy to assist.

Arrival and Dismissal

Riggs is a big school with a lot of children. We are going to ask for patience and understanding in the first few weeks of school as we navigate our new arrival and dismissal procedures. When students arrive at school they will go directly into their classrooms. If students ride a bus they will be dismissed off the bus in an orderly fashion by staff members and asked to go directly to the their classroom. Teachers will be in their rooms starting at 8:15 each day. If students are being dropped off by car there will be staff members outside. They will open car doors, greet families and help students into the building. We do ask that all parents stay in their cars. Students who walk or ride bikes will also arrive and head straight to their classrooms. If a student will be eating breakfast they will go to the cafeteria where staff members will be there to help social distance students. We do ask that all students wear their face covering until they are in their classroom and socially distanced from others. Hallways will have stickers on the floor showing what side to walk on. Staff will be positioned in the halls to help students find their rooms. Once in the classroom students will be asked to wash and sanitize their hands. Students will put their belongings in their designated spaces and have activities to start the day. Teachers will use this time to check in with students and build classroom community. We hope this "soft start" to the day will be enjoyable for students and staff. Some schools had already started this type of arrival and have loved the extra time together.

Dismissal will be different this year. We have a lot of families who pick students up and historically that process has taken time. This year will likely be the same amount of time, but we will be dismissing students differently. The first students that will be dismissed will be Kids Express and walkers/bike riders. Staff will be in hallways ensuring students are moving towards their destination. There will also be staff outside helping students. Students who ride a bus will be next. Staff will monitor and check that they have all the students and the buses will leave the campus. Once those groups are out, a bell will ring. This will signal our 6th,5th, and kindergarten students to walk out their designated door with their teachers. They will make their way to ramada out front. A second bell will ring and our students in grades 1-4 will exit their designated doors. They will also make their way to the ramada. Once all students are with under the ramada (wearing their face coverings), we will begin parent pick up. Siblings will not go to classrooms to pick up the younger child. All students will remain with their teacher until their family is called to the car. Again we ask that all families stay in their cars.

All buildings are going to be locked. If you arrive late please stay in your car and call the school at (480) 224-3400. A staff member will come out with the sign in sheet and then help your child get to their classroom. If you are going to need to pick up your children early we ask that you send a note ahead of time. We will do our best to have your student up in the front at the time you ask. You can call the school and we will bring your child out to you car for you. Please plan ahead as this will be difficult as it gets close to dismissal time.


Students will be using the cafeteria for lunch. Students will wash/sanitize their hands prior to leaving their classroom. They will go to lunch first then recess. We will space lunches out so it is one grade level at a time. Classes will be staggered coming in. All tables will be facing the stage area. We have a lot of tables so students will be socially distanced. Students who bring their lunch will go directly to their table. Students who will buy lunch will go through the line and then to their table. Once lunch is finished students will be dismissed to go to recess. If weather permits they will go outside for recess, if not, they will have recess time in the classroom. We will have games and activities for them. They may also choose independent activities if they prefer. We will use staff to cover each classroom. There will be a lot of coverage to ensure safety of all students. When coming in from outside, students will be given hand sanitizer and in the classroom they will have time to wash/sanitize hands.


When speaking with staff this summer, it was so nice to hear how the community is so involved with the school. I was so impressed with how families put school as a priority and give freely of their time. The district has decided that for now, we will not have any volunteers in the building. This is such a hard decision, but in order to limit exposure this is a decision that was made. This is a decision that will be revisited after the first quarter. Please know that the faculty wants you all to be here and that we are as eager as you are to return things to normal! In the meantime, please reach out to teachers to see if there are things that might be helpful to do from home or contact the PTO and see if there are things that they may need assistance with.


I know many of you may be worried about sharing devices as we enter the first weeks of virtual learning. In the link the district sent regarding your choice it asks if you have devices available to you. We will work with you if your child needs a device! Please remember that students will be on their devices much more than the fourth quarter of last year. There will be a lot of live time where they will be taking and interacting with their teachers and peers. If you have multiple children they may need to be on at the same time as each other.

Student Challenge!

****Student Challenge Alert****

We miss having students in the hallway. We can't have you here yet but you can help us make the office feel like you are. We have bought some picture frames to make a student gallery. If you draw us a picture on a normal letter sized paper and drop it off we will hang it up! The more colorful the better. Please put your name and grade on the back of your picture so we can share out your amazing work. There will be a box outside the front office next to the book return box. You can also mail it to us if that is easier. We can't wait to see all of your artistic ability!!

Should you have any questions please feel free to call or email. We are happy to clarify concerns or answer any questions you may have! We will get through this! We are stronger together!