Mackenzie Parrish

Senior Student at the University of Tampa

Tampa Is a Great City Says Mackenzie Parrish

When people think of the state of Florida, the cities that come to mind are often Orlando and Miami. Mackenzie Parrish thinks this is unfortunate because the city of Tampa has a lot to offer to people who choose to visit. She grew up not far from Tampa in Palm Harbor, Florida where her family still lives. Tampa was never far from her hometown, but now that she is attending the University of Tampa, Mackenzie Parrish has come to love the city and everything it has to offer.

The city of Tampa is located on the western coast of the Florida peninsula, less frequented by tourists than the big beach and party city of Miami is on the south east Atlantic coast. That doesn't mean that Tampa is small by any means however. There are close to 350,000 people living in the city of Tampa and the metropolitan area is over 2.8 million strong.

Mackenzie Parrish loves Tampa because it's a bit more laid back than the energy-fueled city of Miami is. The waterfront plays an important role in Tampa's city both for residents and for businesses. In fact, the port of Tampa is the largest port in the state in terms of throughput tonnage. That also means it's one of the busiest commercial ports on the entire continent.

Tampa has something for everyone as well. There are plenty of awesome museums like the Museum of Science and Industry, USF Contemporary Art Museum, and the Tampa Bay History Center to name a few. There are over 150 parks and public areas for gathering, playing sports, or just relaxing to take advantage of Florida's great weather. Sports fans aren't disappointed in Tampa either; there are teams and stadiums in the city for football, hockey, baseball, soccer, and even a great college sports scene.

Mackenzie Parrish is happy to live in Tampa and in the past three years she has discovered why it would be a great place to live and start a career!

Studying Hard Pays Off for Mackenzie Parrish

There are some people that can go through their education without ever studying, or just studying very briefly. Other people need to study for an incredible amount of time to get by. A majority of people end up somewhere between those two extremes. Everyone has the capacity to learn something new and to excel at it. It's just that for some it's easier than it is for others.

Mackenzie Parrish probably fits in with most learners. She needs to study, but not excessively. She certainly cannot go into an exam or test without having studied at all though! The reason she has been very successful in her education so far is that she puts in the hard work that's necessary to succeed. Discipline has never been a problem for Mackenzie Parrish and she studied hard throughout her high school career to get into the University of Tampa, where she currently studies.

Mackenzie Parrish began her studies in 2011 at the University of Tampa. She loves the school and the city of Tampa. There are always plenty of things to do in the city and on campus. She has been able to meet a lot of great friends and acquaintances in the three years she has been a student at the school. She knows what it means to study hard and has kept up those habits during her time at the University of Tampa.

She plans to graduate in 2015. With the coming academic year being one of her last at the University of Tampa, Mackenzie Parrish plans to make it a good one, both personally and academically. She wants to go out with good grades, and more importantly, with a practical and useful knowledge base that will help her excel in the job market.

Mackenzie Parrish Spends Time Volunteering

There are a lot of activities that people participate in to help themselves feel happy. A lot of people criticize adults in western cultures for being too individualistic and selfish in their pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, many of these people have not seen the extent to which people in western cultures go out of their way to help others.

Take for example, a typical college student like Mackenzie Parrish. Even before she stared her college career, she knew it was important to volunteer in her community. Her family had always taught her that it's important to give some of your time to make your community a better place and to help those who need help in the community.

One of the organizations that Mackenzie Parrish volunteered with is Clothes to Kids in Clearwater, Florida. Clothes to Kids is an organization dedicated to helping low income and/or crisis schoolchildren get clothing that they need to live a normal life. The organization has been around since 2002 and has helped thousands of kids while also expanding its efforts in the past few years. To date the organization, thanks to help from volunteers like Mackenzie Parrish, has given out over 82,000 wardrobes to children in need.

The other organization where Mackenzie Parrish has spent time volunteering is the Safety Harbor Neighborhood Center in Safety Harbor, Florida. The center has been serving people in the Safety Harbor area since 1994. It provides services and assistance for families and individuals who require temporary support for any reason.

Mackenzie Parrish has always enjoyed volunteering at both of these organizations. Now that she has moved to Tampa to earn her bachelor's degree, she has less time to spend at these organizations.

Work Ethic: Mackenzie Parrish

For Mackenzie Parrish, high achiever since high school and rising senior at the University of Tampa, having a strong work ethic is paramount to success. Mackenzie Parrish would not have been inducted into the National Honor Society or the National Society of High Scholars had she not cultivated an impressive work ethic during high school. Mackenzie’s Parrish’s strong high school work ethic has allowed her to succeed in college, where she maintains high grades and enjoys the challenges her courses provide. Mackenzie Parrish offers a few tips on how to cultivate and maintain a strong work ethic.

Routine: Getting into a routine is the first way to improve a faltering work ethic. A steady routine will keep order in your life and allow you to focus on your responsibilities without outside distractions. Start your routine by setting a steady bedtime and waking up at the same time each morning. This will synchronize your sleep schedule and improve your focus and motivation throughout the day.

Reward: Use the reward system to motivate yourself. For example, if you have a paper to write, reward yourself with a break that you enjoy after you write a certain number of words or pages. Rewards can include a snack, internet time, or a round of your favorite online game. Creating a system of work and reward will keep you on task and focused for the time that you are working, as well as motivating you to continue with the routine.

Balance: Finding a balance in your life between work, other activities, and a social life is the key to maintaining a high work ethic. Your work ethic will improve if you do not feel as if you are devoting the entirety of your time to work. However, devoting too little time to work will create stress. While some people work well under pressure, constant stress will lower your work ethic overall by giving you a more negative attitude.

Mackenzie Parrish and Life in Tampa

Mackenzie Parrish attends the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida. Living in Tampa, Mackenzie Parrish enjoys spending time at the many attractions the city offers. When she is not studying or volunteering, Mackenzie Parrish can often be found visiting parks, museums, and even the Florida Aquarium with her friends. The following are some of Mackenzie Parrish’s favorite city sights in Tampa.

Museum of Science and Industry: This museum contains several floors of science-related exhibits as well as the only domed IMAX theater in Florida. Mackenzie Parrish especially enjoys the planetarium at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Busch Gardens: Tampa Bay’s Busch Gardens is an animal theme park with an African theme. It is known for its many roller coasters and the ability of visitors to interact with African wildlife. It also contains Adventure Island, an adjacent water park with many rides. Mackenzie Parrish and her friends frequent Adventure Island.

Lowry Park Zoo: Lowry Park Zoo is home to over 2,000 animals as well as interactive exhibits, rides, and educational shows. The zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Tampa, serving as an educational, environmental, and cultural space. For Mackenzie Parrish, the penguin area is a favorite spot.

Florida Aquarium: The Florida Aquarium contains over 20,000 species of aquatic animals and plants. Mackenzie Parrish particularly enjoys viewing the different types of fish through the aquarium’s unique glass architecture.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival: This festival is one of Tampa’s most well known and widely anticipated events. It consists of a mock pirate invasion and is often referred to as Tampa’s Mardi Gras due to its popularity and festivities.

The city of Tampa Bay has a wide variety of attractions, parks, and museums that are often both educational and enjoyable. As a student at the University of Tampa, Mackenzie Parrish is happy to live in a large and vibrant city with many cultural centers and attractions to explore.

Thinking About the Future: Mackenzie Parrish

Mackenzie Parrish is a goal-oriented individual who is constantly considering her future plans. Mackenzie Parrish is a current student at the University of Tampa in the class of 2014. A high achiever since high school, Mackenzie Parrish excels academically and stands apart from other students due to her volunteer experience with her local community. In her post-graduate life, Mackenzie Parrish would like to secure a full-time job that aligns with her career goals. Mackenzie Parrish is constantly thinking about the future and working to achieve her goals.

When thinking about the future, Mackenzie Parrish considers what she is passionate about. As you can see from her volunteer experience at Safety Harbor Neighborhood Family Center and Clothes to Kids, Mackenzie Parrish is passionate about helping people through support services and funded programs. In her future career, Mackenzie Parrish would like to be involved in an organization or business that is committed to helping those in need and giving back to the community.

Mackenzie Parrish is also passionate about academic achievement. A National Honor Society, National Society for High Scholars, and United States Achievement Academy member since high school, Mackenzie Parrish also views organizations that are committed to education as extremely important in the United States. In the future, Mackenzie Parrish would ideally like to be involved in an organization or business that believes in education as a tool for helping children reach their full potential.

To plan for the future, Mackenzie Parrish explores her interests and works hard to achieve excellence in every aspect of her life, including academics, extracurricular activities, work, and community service. Recently, Mackenzie Parrish took advantage of the University of Tampa’s many study abroad opportunities in order to travel through Krakow, Poland, Prague, and the Czech Republic. During this course, Mackenzie Parrish expanded her interest in and knowledge of foreign criminal justice systems. By exploring her interests, Mackenzie Parrish can discover what she is good at and what she could explore as a future career option. By achieving excellence, Mackenzie Parrish opens up doors for herself to attain her future goals.

Communicating with Professors: Mackenzie Parrish

Communicating with professors can often be a daunting experience, as Mackenzie Parrish, student at the University of Tampa, understands. Professors are respected, published academics in their field, and they can often be intimidating, especially to younger college students. A rising senior, Mackenzie Parrish provides the following tips to younger students who need to talk to their professors.

Be Professional: When communicating with professors, one should be professional, but not overly so. Begin your first email, “Dear Professor X,” but respond in accordance with their level of professionalism. If he or she responds with his or her first name, feel free to respond similarly. Also, remember that some professors are from other countries, and that expected levels of respect vary from culture to culture.

Go to Office Hours: Professors love it when students come to their office hours. Office hours are, after all, intended for students to stop by and ask for help or continue the discussion from class. Becoming a regular at your professor’s office hours can be the start of a congenial relationship. Building a relationship creates more comfort with communication and will make it significantly easier to come to the professor if you have a question or need an extension.

Don’t Be Intimidated: Remember, professors are there to help you achieve your goals and advance academically. They may be published academics, but they also remember what it is like to be a student. Trust your professors to believe in you as a student, and you will find that they do just that.

With these helpful tips, Mackenzie Parrish hopes that you can feel more comfortable in approaching your professors for help or discussion. Building a good relationship with at least two or three professors is key for obtaining recommendations for graduate school or post-college employment. Mackenzie Parrish asserts that communicating with professors is an integral part of the college experience.

Why Volunteering is Important to Mackenzie Parrish

Mackenzie Parrish believes that volunteering is an important experience for any high school or college student to have. Mackenzie Parrish is a rising senior at the University of Tampa, and while in high school, she volunteered at Safety Harbor Neighborhood Family Center and Clothes to Kids. Volunteering with these two community organizations, Mackenzie Parrish gained valuable experience and a sense of purpose from helping others. Mackenzie Parrish views community service as paramount for many reasons.

Helping Others: Of course, the main goal of community service is to help others. Mackenzie Parrish found it very rewarding to work with her own community at the Safety Harbor Neighborhood Family Center and Clothes to Kids. According to Mackenzie Parrish, giving back to and helping those in need in your own community is the obligation of community members who are fortunate enough to not need the support of such services. Helping those in need builds character and provides one with a sense of purpose.

College Admissions: Volunteering is an excellent way for high school students to both give back and receive the reward of college admissions. Admissions committees view community service experience as a very strong indicator of responsibility and integrity. Community service sets high school students apart, especially when hundreds of equally academically qualified students are applying for admission to the same schools. Volunteering can be a benefit to both the community being served and the individual who is volunteering.

Career Experience: Community service provides valuable experience that can be applied to one’s future career. First, a student can choose to volunteer at an organization that aligns with his or her passions and career interests. Students can also gain the experience of working with others and providing services, which are useful skills to bring to any future job. Employers will be impressed by your community service experience because it shows dedication and work ethic.

Mackenzie Parrish on College Study Methods

As a rising senior at the University of Tampa, Mackenzie Parrish has had three years of experience in studying for college exams and writing college-level academic papers. Mackenzie Parrish knows that it can be difficult to focus on studying in college, especially with the many distractions of dormitory life and other obligations such as extracurricular activities and social events. Mackenzie Parrish, a successful student, provides the following tips for buckling down and hitting the books.

Don’t Procrastinate: It seems simple and obvious, yet procrastination spreads among college students as if it were an epidemic. Mackenzie Parrish asserts that the most difficult part of any college assignment is starting it. One tip for avoiding procrastination is a reward system. Resolve to write a certain number of words by a certain time, and reward yourself with a 15-minute break, a snack, or other incentive. This will motivate you to simply start your assignment.

Turn Off the Internet: In our digital age, turning off the internet may sound absurd or even impossible. However, there are many free programs that you can download to temporarily shut off your internet, block certain websites, or block all websites except for those you may need to complete your schoolwork. Turning off the internet is a major way to avoid procrastination and distractions. You can choose the amount of time you turn off the internet for, and you can even institute a reward system; for example, allow yourself 10 minutes of internet for every 60 minutes of writing.

Find Your Method: Everyone has a different study method that works for him or her. Finding your ideal study method is the key to academic success in college. Do you work well in a group? Get together with friends from class for paper writing or study session. Need music to concentrate? Create a playlist with your favorite study songs and get to work.

Finding a College Internship: Mackenzie Parrish

In college, finding an internship for the summer seems to be a right of passage. However, many college students find themselves stumped when it comes time to search and apply. University of Tampa student Mackenzie Parrish believes that finding the right internship can be easy as long as you locate and utilize the correct resources. With these suggestions from Mackenzie Parrish, you can be on your way to locating that perfect summer internship.

Use the Career Center: College career centers exist not only to help you polish your resume and edit your cover letters, but also to provide databases of potential internships and connect students to employers. By visiting your college’s career center, you can learn more about what the center has to offer you. Many schools provide a database of open jobs and internships across the country. Use these resources to find options and start applying. The career center can likely assist you in every step along the way, from finding potential internships to building your resume and writing a cover letter.

Find Funding: The major downfall of many internships is that they are unpaid. However, universities often offer funding to students who are accepted as unpaid interns. This can be in the form of stipends from the school or information about outside grants. Many schools have different requirements for various funds, so be sure to do your research. Finding funding for your internship through your university can take a summer internship from financially impossible to a profitable experience.

Explore Your Interests: Finally, when searching for a summer internship, try to find something that you are interested in or passionate about. Being a summer intern often involves menial tasks such as filing, sorting mail, and getting coffee. However, even menial tasks can be enjoyable when you have the opportunity to work with an organization that suits your interests and will lead you on a career path.

Mackenzie Parrish on Academic Integrity

As a student at the University of Tampa, Mackenzie Parrish has learned a lot about academic integrity. While integrity indicates honesty and making morally correct choices despite personal gains or losses, academic integrity is specific to academic situations, including papers, class presentations, exams, etc. Academic integrity is important to colleges because it is often impossible to directly enforce rules against plagiarism and cheating on all students at all times. Universities have an honor code that dictates the responsibility of the student to maintain his or her integrity in academic situations. However, with most assignments completed outside of professor supervision, and the close quarters and communities created by dormitory life, the honor code is often broken by students who cannot resist the urge to cheat and/or plagiarize.

As a high academic achiever, Mackenzie Parrish is an advocate for the honor system and a strong proponent of academic integrity. Mackenzie Parrish believes in both maintaining the honor code personally by completing all assignments completely on one’s own (unless allowed to collaborate by the professor) and not plagiarizing, as well as maintaining the code for others by reporting when it has been broken. Mackenzie Parrish asserts that the honor code is the backbone of the university system; if it was not an effective system the majority of the time, colleges and universities would be unable to operate in their current fashion.

Mackenzie Parrish has achieved academic excellence throughout high school and college. In high school, she was inducted into the National Honor Society and the National Society of High Scholars. Mackenzie Parrish was also named on the “Who’s Who List in High English” by the United States Achievement Academy. As a student who has excelled at academics, Mackenzie Parrish views academic integrity as central to the learning process. When students cheat or plagiarize, they do not truly learn. Because of this, Mackenzie Parrish believes that academic integrity is highly important to an effective, quality education.

Mackenzie Parrish and Extracurricular Activities

Mackenzie Parrish is a rising senior at the University of Tampa. As a high school student, Mackenzie Parrish was a high achiever of academic excellence. Mackenzie Parrish was a part of the National Honor Society, National Society for High Scholars, and United States Achievement Academy. When applying to colleges, it was Mackenzie Parrish’s record of achievement and extracurricular activities that set her apart from other high school students. Mackenzie Parrish believes that extracurricular activities are one of the most important ways for high school students to stand out in admissions pools and be accepted the their top choice university.

Sports are one excellent way to be an outstanding high school student. Students who are involved in sports are often recruited by colleges and provided with hefty scholarships. Even if you are not recruited, sports are still a great addition to your application. According to Mackenzie Parrish, participating in sports shows that you are a team player who can work well in groups and is dedicated to success.

Music and art are also great ways to stand out to the admissions committee. Universities are constantly trying to improve their creative programs in order to increase their status as cultural centers. Participating in high school music programs can lead to playing in a college orchestra or participating in a choir. Mackenzie Parrish argues that art programs show that you are a creative thinker who may have a different approach than other students to college-level work.

Participating in a writing activity such as your school newspaper or a literary journal shows college admissions committees that you can excel at writing, which tends to be a focus of first-year programs. Many universities are adopting writing requirements for freshmen in order to ensure that their graduates are college-level writers. Mackenzie Parrish states that having a background in journalism or literary publications looks very good to those who work in college admissions.

Mackenzie Parrish

Mackenzie Parrish is a University of Tampa student valued for her integrity. Integrity is the virtue of doing the right thing and being honest, regardless of personal gains or losses. As a student, Mackenzie Parrish believes in the importance of academic integrity. Through high school and college, Mackenzie Parrish has been a high achiever. Mackenzie Parrish believes that without academic integrity, the high honors that those who excel in academics receive would become meaningless. Academic integrity is a key value to student Mackenzie Parrish.

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Mackenzie Parrish is a student with a bright future. As a consistently high achiever throughout her academic career, Mackenzie Parrish’s accomplishments will certainly be recognized by potential employers, providing her with an excellent chance of gaining the post-college employment she seeks. Mackenzie Parrish’s bright future will be supported by her strong work ethic and commitment to integrity, which sets her apart from others. Mackenzie Parrish is a student who values excellence both in academics and extracurricular activities, which build character.