Rosemarie O'Connor

AKA ROC Tha Rock

Early Life

She was born in the Bayside Sentara hospital on September 8th, 1996 at Midnight.

As a child she enjoyed her days with her best friend of 10 years Jessica Bauer and watching Rugrats and Sailor Moon.

Her earliest memory is going to Ocean Breeze with her family.

Her best memory is riding the carousel with her best friend.


She hopes to graduate college with an english degree. She sees herself as an editor.

She wants a pet rabbit and to marry comfortably.

Where do you see yourself in ten years

In her own home engaged and well traveled.

Traumatic experience

When she gave her aunt CPR


Reading books, Watching documentaries, Reading and writing poetry

She loves the movie Her the color red and pink, and she loves drake Minaj, and Beyonce

Who inspires her- Her aunt b/c she's the family glue

Fears- Falling/tripping and drowning

Ever met a star?- In NY she saw Jake Gilinhall

If you had three wishes-

1. Wallet with the right amount of money

2. World Peace

3. Mom's Happiness

What is she passionate about-

Gender Equality, Social Activisim, AND LOVE

Super Power?-

she want to stop time to sleep more

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