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Hello Summer!

You know it's been a great year when I say to the students, "I'll see you in the Fall", and they respond with, "It seems like the first week of school!" Now, that's music to my ears (Yes, students, that is a metaphor. See the poems below!:) It has really flown by and probably because for the first time in many years I was in really good place - Pond Springs. Everyone has been so inviting. Parents, you have been so supportive at home and so appreciative. And I love that my students have worked so hard this year. Even when they said that something was hard, I'd ask, "But, is it impossible?" They'd say, "No, not impossible ,so not too hard". Yep!

Shakepeare at Winedale: Henry V Prologue -- They NAILED It!

Our fourth and fifth TAG LA students have been exploring Shakespeare's plays through performance. They've worked hard on analyzing, interpreting and acting out several scenes from Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado about Nothing, Macbeth, and Henry V. This is the first time that Pond Springs has participated in the University of Texas Shakespeare Outreach Program. The students had the privilege to work with a UT liaison, Ms. Allison Dillon, who helped select scenes for this big group, as well as, help stage this piece. All of the students' hard work culminated into the Winedale event where our most passionate and dedicated actors came out to Winedale the first Saturday of May where they performed the prologue to Henry V for several other elementary schools who also participate in the University's Outreach Program. They were up first and really set the stage for excellence and energy. We're so proud of them!

TAG Takes Its First Field Trip!

Well, why not?! We were invited, after all. TAG 4th and 5th grade Language Arts traveled to the University of Texas to perform on the big stage. It was a fun adventure that we got to share with TAG LA classes from Patsy Sommer Elementary.

Vocabulary Study

4th and 5th grade students were challenged to look more deeply at words and their origins. They chose 3 words from the year and used them to complete various tasks.

Luke's Academy A"word"

Sarah's Interview a Word

Bao's Word Attack Poster

Third Grade LA Publish Their Scary Stories

Usually when teachers talk about "published" work they're talking about a written piece going through the writing process that culminates into a final "published" piece. This year, my third grade students have been hard at work writing and finally publishing their work on booktrackclassroom.com where they were able to add menacing sound effects and eerie music to their story to reel in their reader.

This is my first year where I've actually had my third graders work on this difficult to master genre. Knowing that I had a really bright group of students this year, I knew, after some coaching, that they'd be up to this feat. Many were inspired to surpass my expectation of writing 500-700 words by actually writing their stories over 1000 words! They definitely rose to the challenge. Click on the links below to read the students' stories!

Sounds in the Night by Noah Morales

Orbs by Alexander Heiderscheit

Uninvited Guests by Brooke Xu

The Beast and the Trophy by Quan Tran

Ouija by Stanley Bond

The Big Miss by Kate Ren

I Am

Second grade Language Arts students learned about metaphors and similes this quarter. Their learning culminated in them writing poetry entitled " I Am" where students created metaphors about themselves. They started out with a brainstorm naming the following that described them: an animal, a color, a place, a feeling, a holiday, and something in nature. Here are some great student examples.

I Am…

I am a monkey, swinging from branch to branch.

I am green grass growing in your front yard.

I am a park, ready to be played in.

I am happiness, making you glad.

I am a tomato, as red as can be.

I am Earth Day, picking up trash.

I am water, flowing down the hill.

-Haley Clapsaddle

I Am...

I am a lizard, very sneaky

I am green reminding you of soft green grass

I am a city of kindness in your heart

I am light to guide you through your darkness

I am an onion with many layers of skin

I am Halloween all dressed up and scary

I am a tree spreading my branches to learn.

-Elijah Boston

I Am...

I am a curious monkey in the rain forest.

I am yellow, shining brightly in the sky.

I am Mexico, gentle with butterflies.

I am the laughter you can’t hold in.

I am semi-sweet chocolate, waiting in the bag.

I am a bright day in May that you want to celebrate.

I am a blooming flower in a pretty meadow.

-Sophia Hernstrom

I Am...

I am a lizard crawling for an opportunity to change the world.

I am the color blue putting a smile on your face.

I am a school with knowledge in every room.

I am happiness, sadness and the tears of stress.

I am pizza, popular with people.

I am Hanukkah, a miraculous early new born

I am the wind soaring through the sky, looking out to help people.

-Daniel Arthur Rubin

I Am…

Green, reminding you of rolling in the soft grass.

Hope, helping you move forward.

A snake, ready to strike.

A potato chip ready to be devoured.

St.Patrick's day making you wear green.

The water being pulled by the moon.

An amusement park, ready to be expanded.

-Oscar Rouch’-Beard

Don't see your child's poem featured? Don't fret. You can always access their Google email account, go to their drive, and you'll see:) Ask your child to show you!

Have a wonderful summer break catching up with your friends and family. See you this Fall!