2015 Year Review

by Brandon Jones

Top 3

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Nike have many popular ads with the most known sports superstars. Which draw different types of group buyers.
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Apple really don't have to advertise because every where you look you see apple products .
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Just by how many fans the NFL they have can advertise easily in each city with a team.
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Hover Board

Hover Board during the 2015 year was its break out year everyone wanted one.
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Almost everyone have one as people start getting more into with fitness and health.
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Fast Furious

Last movie with Paul Walker before his death.
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Twitter- social media and his deal with Apple/Apple radio
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J Cole

His tour made over $4 million and his album went double platinum .

Top 10 Hip Hop Song of 2015

10) Kanye West -Only One

9) iLoveMemphis- Hit the Quan

8) Future - F Some Commas

7) Silento- Watch me

6) Jidenna featuring Roman GianArthur - Classic Mann

5)Lupe flasico -Mural

4)Drake - Hotbling

3) Wiz Khalifa - See you again

2) Fetty wap - Trap queen

1) Kendrick Lamar - Alright

Personal improvement

Being less selfish

Family and friends

Spend more time with family.

School and the outside world

To get strong and smarter .