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Air Lift

I'm getting there by plane and my fist flight is from Denver to Miami and im leaving on May 25. After I get to Miami I have to catch a flight to Montegobayto Jamica. I would get to the beautiful Island at 2:00, it would take 8h and 22min i would stay for 3 months. To get back I would have to take 3 more flights, Jamaica to Miami to Denver. To get there and back it's a price of 1,060.00$ per person.

Jamaica Inn

I found the best hotel in Jamaica and its a 5 star hotel which is located on Main st.Ocho Rios The hotel right next to the deep beautiful ocean. You sense a warm once in a life time feeling that grows as you stroll through the beautiful main-grounds. The price is just right for a gorgeous view of the 5 star hotel, per night it's 200$. The room comes with air conditioning, Beach towls, A celiling fan,Wi-Fi, hair dyer, phone, safe, toiletries, mini fidges(stocked only if requested) and also turndown services. Some history about the hotel is that Marliyn More stayed in Jamica Inn in 1957. The hotel has been there 50 years.


One thing you could do at the hotel is relax and get a spa.The spa is free and it's in the hotel. Other thing that you could do is go swim in the 5 star hotel's pool. What you could do outside is sit ocean side and do some beach yoga.Other activity is polo right outside of the Hotel. If you don't want to stay at the Hotel I have a recommendation .you should look in to a great museum. The museum is the Bob Marly museum. The museum is located 56 hope road Kingston Jamaica. Other fun thing you could do outside the hotel is rafting in the rio graned which is the heart of rafting . Also it's a very big forest attcation.


If I'm spending 3 months I have to have food. Breakfast there is a lot of different choices, but the one choice I would want is Sunday morning breakfast . Breakfast is 7:30 to 10:30 a.m and you order when ever you want between those times. Breakfast is 23.50$.The hotel has Afternoon tea and cocktail hours to. Lunch is serve from 1-2:30 . They serve Jamaica cuisines and culture food. Lunch cost 20.35$ per person. After lunch their is Afternoon tea and that's from 4-5 pm. Afternoon tea you get to have small snacks and tea. If you want you could have cocktail hour and that's from 7-7:30pm. Those 2 meals are free. Next is dinner you have a lot of good yummy choices, the most appertiseing meals is ''Brezileennie'', wich is a serloine steak with any sides you want. Dinner cost 37.50$ with sides that cost 13.20$. Or other choice is McDonalds wich is cheaper and it's 10.00$ per person.


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