TLI MOY Grant Implementation Team

Taylor ISD

TLI MOY GIT: Event Center

Friday, Jan. 16th 2015 at 9am-12pm

3101 N. Main St. Taylor, Texas 76574

Mandatory for Principals, Instructional Specialists, CIA, District Leadership representatives.

Optional Attendance: Principals may invite members of their CBLT and Admin. teams.

BOY Action Steps Re-visited: Point A to Point B Upgrade!

Leadership: L6. Establish a coaching model aimed at fulfilling the goals of the Data-informed Plan. Provide instructional staff with ongoing, differentiated coaching support services for fulfilling the goals of the Data-informed Plan.

Standards-based Instruction (SBI): SBI 4. Implement an integrated literacy core program/curriculum composed of the additional supplemental materials identified in SBI 2 and the pacing guides developed in SBI 3. Observe instruction to ensure integrated instruction occurs and pacing guides are followed.

Effective Instructional Framework (EIF): E5. Ensure that evidenced-based practices are used to address the diverse needs of all learners. Use data to differentiate instruction for students across all tiers.

Assessment Module: A1 Literacy Assessment Plan, A2 Use assessment data to identify students at risk, A3 Determine specific instructional needs, A4 Monitor progress toward targeted literacy goals.

9:00 Opening Session

9:30 Assessment Action Steps A2 - A4

9:45 RTI Framework and Action Steps A2 - A4

  • Elementary Roundtable
  • Secondary Roundtable

10:30 Break

10:45 Taylor Action Steps: Leadership L2, Standards Based Instruction SBI 4, Effective Instructional Framework E5

11:00 Instruction Specialists Campus Highlights

11:45 Closing Remarks