Liberty Academy Newsletter

November 16, 2016

Liberty Academy Student Newsletter: The Flyover!

Student written and student produced! Check it out HERE!

Small Mall is coming to Liberty Academy!

Liberty Presbyterian Church is teaming up with Liberty Academy to host a Small Mall! Academy students will be able to shop for items to give their immediate family members for the holidays using special Holiday Nix Bux they have earned for attendance and being on time to class. If you or someone you know, has a business that would be able to make gift card or product donations please contact Ms. Moyer at

Thanksgiving Holiday is next week!

No school Wednesday, November 23 - Friday, November 25. Enjoy some time off!

Declaring Independence

Teens may act as if they're ready to take on the world, but you still have lots to teach them. Here are strategies that will help your child with the transition from high school to life on her own:
*Pass along money management skills, such as how to balance a checkbook, pay bills, and start a savings account. Also, with credit cards being offered to more young adults, teens need to know the benefits as well as the consequences of establishing credit.
*Support your child's interest in driving, but consider setting rules that go beyond motor vehicle laws. For example, you might limit the number of passengers he can take or place limits on night driving. Let him know that he can't talk on his cell phone or text while he's driving (it's against the law in some states). Also, you can teach responsibility and safety by having your teen fill the tank regularly, take the car for tune-ups, and learn to change a tire.
*Suggest that your teenager get a part-time job. Working will improve her self-esteem and give her experience for the future. Help her find a good match, and make sure the job does not take away from schoolwork and time with friends.
*Encourage your teen to stay involved in sports, volunteer work, and after-school clubs. These activities can keep him interested in school and the community, build good character traits, and help him maintain healthy behaviors.