Team 13 News

Friday, June 5, 2015

Field Day Results...

I was a cool start to the day and a warmed, muggier finish. We were so proud of Team 13; their sportsmanship and self-control were amazing! Thak you to all the parents who were able to make it to cheer on the teams. Thank you to Mrs. Gagliardi, Mrs. Hejnar and Mrs. McKenzie, who all helped run stations. Thank you to Mrs. Russell, Graham and Cambell who supervised Team 13 while they ate lunch.

Final Score: 362...Green, 444, white...congrstulations to BOTH teams!

Life Cycles Unit

Well...I am not sure if you heard the exciting news, but... we had one butterfly emerge from its chrysisil the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. When we returned on Tuesday, we had eighteen Painted Ladies in our butterfly net, resting on the flowers and drying their wings. We waited for a dry day to release them, which came on Wednesday. Following the reading of Eve Bunting's, Butterfly House, we released our butterflies in the courtyard. The students made thier last scientific observation (for class), and handed in their journals for grading. It just so happened that alsoon Wednesday we visited the Eagle's nest only to see on eagle. It looks like our butterflies were not the only ones to test their wings today! How exciting! I hope these experiences lead students to continue to look at their worlds through scienctific lenses.


Congratulations to Team 13 Determined paw recipients: Jenna, Sarah, Christopher, Ryan Y., Cooper, Garrett and Colin! Invitations to parnets will be sent home soon for the upcoming PROUD Assembly.

Dates To Remember


  • June 5th, Friday Olympic Day--wear Race For Ed. T-shirts
  • Tuesday, June 9th, Grade 3 Class Picnic: raindate Wednesday, June 10th
  • Wednesday, June 10th- Celebrate June Birthdays Day
  • Thursday June 11th-books and beach towels day
  • Friday, June 12th Olympic Day
  • June 17th, Wednesday, Move-Up Day Activity 9:30-10:30
  • June 17th Talent Show 1:45-2:45
  • June 18th, Thursday, Student Awards Assembly 9:30-10:30
  • June 19th, Last Student Day, Early Dismissal