Uncle Tom's Cabin

Kristen Daniel and Sheridan Aguilar


The 1850's cultural interactions displayed slavery though entertainment to to sway the viewer into a mislead belief of equality.


More ideas conveyed in this time period include the use of advertisements and entertainment to show slavery. Using these things slavery isn't necessarily portrayed as bad among society because the images show an good relationship between slaves and whites. The media tries to make society believe that slaves are treated fairly and with respect by society. Although, some photos show white superiority the majority of them stress the importance of a good relationships between slaves and whites.The surprising part of the images is that it doesn't show a bad relationship between slaves and whites. It also portrays slaves as good even though they were treated badly during this time period.


  1. The creations of these artists portray the idea that black and white people trusted each other and were able to respect one another. This leads the viewer to adopt the mislead idea that the black and white people of the 1850s were treated equally, given equal opportunities, and allowed to form relationships amongst each other despite their skin color. The images often show the black and white people at an equal level to show that whites did not adopt a stance of superiority or the white person beneath the black person to create the idea that all white people respect and revere all black people.

  2. It was surprising that the artists all felt that there was equality in the world and did not seem to adopt any sense of superiority in their art of white people that seemed to be prevalent at this time. The image of the girl bent beneath the black man and the little girl hugging the black man surprised me as the artists of both pieces obviously believed that these white families had taught their young daughters to respect black people and admire them. I was surprised that the artists believed that these families believed in equality among the races and that these girls had not been swayed by the very common idea of white supremacy in any area of their life. The free interaction among this white and black people surprised me considering all the discrimination in the 1850s.
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Opera Poster

This poster shows the increasing importance of slavery in entertainment. By creating an opera society is under the misconception that slavery is an important part of American culture.
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Show Poster

The show poster illustrates the artist’s belief that the white and black people of the 1850’s were given equal opportunity and even shows the young white girl bent down in front of the black man to show a sign of respect and reverence toward the man. The man was not treated poorly by the girl because of his skin color creating a misleading idea that all white people treated black people with respect and did not discriminate.