Drawing Conclusions

Who am I?

Who am I and how do my skills and talents help define me?

I am me. My skills and talents help to define me, because there may (or may not) be some things I can do that others can't. And those skills or talents that I have (or don't have) separate me from others. The skills I may (or may not) possess that others don't (or do) make me different, therefore, highly recognizable and independent in personality.

How do I relate to my family, community, and society? How do I build networks of people to support me?

I highly relate to my family, obviously, because I share the same blood, even DNA (with my parents). I relate to my community as well, because I share the same block, or neighborhood, with said community. And society as a whole, we are all related in some way or another, whether or not it be, school, work, social media, or any other way. As each individual person has there own relationships with different people in there lives, each person can easily build a network of people to support them, whether it be friends, family, or other people that they may or may not know yet, but can get to know through various activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What can I contribute as an individual?

I can contribute anything that I am physically or mentally able to do.

2. What is my responsibility in society?

My responsibility in society is not known, yet...

3. How do my emotions and wants make me vulnerable?

My emotions and wants make me vulnerable, because in my mind, I would do anything to get them, and these actions would stop me from doing the important things.

4. How do I approach challenges or major tasks?

With caution.

5. How do I learn best?

I learn best on-hand

How am I a reflection of my relationships?

The things I do by myself, I might also do with others.

What influence does class, religion, language, and culture have on my relationships and my decisions?

They influence who I talk to and what I believe in, because I may or may not want to talk to someone who speaks a different language that I don't speak (at least until I learn it) or someone who believes in different gods and would probably disagree with everything I would say.