by jordan sellers

Drunk driving

Most people drunk drive in the United States. And that leads to going to jail for it. People kill other people drunk driving. And being charged for drunk driving and murder.40% of the world drunk drive it leads to the innocent getting killed. You can kill yourself drunk driving.if you drunk drive STOP! please.


There are bullies all over the world and you could be one. But… if you're a cool kid you could still be bullied. But to prevent getting bullied again get an adult such as , parent , teacher , guardian , big brother or sister. Or tell him or her to please stop. Bullying is not cool it leads to the victims scarred for life. bullying is not fun i've been there before. but it really is not fun it leads to suicidal thoughts.


Drugs can ruin brain cells. They lead to going to jail. Also suicidal thoughts. it backs up blood from going to your heart. and GUMS disease. If you overdose you can pass out and die. Drugs such as cocaine , licker , nicotine , cigarettes , alcohol , medicine you should not have. What do cigars have in them? They have 200 chemicals in them. use D.A.R.E: drug , abuse , RESISTANCE , education.:)