Touch Screen

What is a touch screen?

Touch Screen

A touch screen is a display device that allows a user to interact with a computer by touching areas on the screen. Instead of using a pointing device such as a mouse, you can use your finger to point directly to objects on the screen. Some touchscreens can also detect objects such as a stylus or ordinary or specially coated gloves.

However, sometimes it is impossible to point accurately at small areas of the screen. So, most users find touch screens tiring to the arms after long use.

Not only can you find Touch Screens on computers, but you can get them on phones, tablets and cars. This is due to the technology which has improved over the years.

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There are two types of screens. There is the resistive and there is the capacitive. The resistive type is the older of the two and this has been the type used since the start of touch screen phones. It requires a pressured sensitive layer called a digitizer over the LCD or screen of the phone. The capacitive screen just requires the contact of your finger to activate it. The capacitive screen is the most popular. The person who invented touch screen computers was called Dr Samuel Hurst.

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