The Gold of the Spirit

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is commonly defined as the persistance to complete a course of action, in spite of obstacles that may get in the way. In this flyer, we will explore how many fictional and nonfictional figures have demonstrated perseverance and triumphed over adversities, no matter how overwhelming they may seen.

Kid President: Behind the Screens (Description)

Robby Novak is best known as an internet sensation, Kid President. He possesses a wonderfully upbeat and encouraging attitude, even having to deal with a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. It is a rare brittle bone disease that only affects approximately 25,000 to 50,000 children and adults in the US. Formed by a lack of collagen, a protein needed to form strong bones, osteogenesis causes frequent bone breaks in its victims, sometimes for no obvious reason. Robbie has endured over 70 bone breaks throughout his entire life. In order to keep his bones strong, he visits Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital every couple of months so doctors could infuse medicine into his bones. This usually takes a stressful 5 hours. Despite these adversities, he remains to be an amazing, resilient child. With his brother-in-law, they are the masterminds behind “Kid President,” an extremely popular YouTube channel that has gave Robby international fame. His “Pep Talk” video, an inspiration clip where he encourages people to be awesome, has gained a booming 23 million views online. Some of Robby’s favorites messages are “Keep doing what you’re doing” and “make the world better.” He wants people to show the world their awesomeness.

Boston Bombing and Nepal Earthquake: Compare and Contrast

In the infographic below, two disasters that will be compared and contrasted to one another. Many were injured and their lives were destroyed, but in both catastrophes people came together.
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Refining Baseball (Problem-Solution)

In beginning of the 1900’s, America was a nation plagued with prejudice and inequality. The white majority ran the country, dominating every position in sports, politics, education, and everything else. All other races were disregarded as lesser beings by the Caucasian people, but the black population suffered the harshest discrimination. In the world of baseball, the problem was that black players, no matter how talented they were at the sport, were often hated upon. It was a common trend for coaches to recruit a mediocre Caucasian player over a skillful African-American player. In addition, if you were black, it was guaranteed that you would never make it into the major leagues. One man however, named Branch Rickey, thought otherwise. He was thoroughly upset that black baseball players weren’t given the same treatment as whites players, and wished to do something about it. As the coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers, a baseball team active in the major leagues, he decided that the solution began with letting an African-American player onto his team. The man had to endure great pressure and harassment from fans and officials, yet have “enough guts to not fight back.” This was because Branch Rickey’s ultimate goal was to completely demolish the color barrier. After an extensive search, Rickey found just the man in Jackie Robinson. With his resilient and strong attitude, Jackie shattered the color barrier to become one of the most important baseball players of the millennium.

The Sandy Road (Cause and Effect)

In the short story, "The Sandy Road," travelors going across a desert get lost and run out of water. Although many people lost hope, the merchant in the group resolved to find water.
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Churchill, The Great and Powerful (Sequencing)

In November 30, 1874, Winston Churchill was born to an affluent, powerful family. However, his childhood was not the ideal dream. Churchill often caught illnesses, and dealt with absent parents. At age eight, in 1882, he was sent to boarding school, and became known as the resident troublemaker. However, Churchill worked hard, and he later became accepted into prestigious academies like the Harrow School, the Royal Military College, and became a top of class graduate. Throughout his life, Churchill demonstrates resilience, outspokenness, and efficiency in everything he set his mind to. Years later, in 1899, during the Boer War in South Africa, Churchill was shot at and captured by England’s enemy. After lying in prison for nearly a month, Churchill broke out and miraculously escaped with barely a scratch. When he became extremely involved in politics during the 1900s, he also lead an reputation of an extremely dedicated member of the Parliament. Churchill was full of energy in his political speeches that moved people against tariffs and in support of social changes for the less well off. Later on, during World War II ,Churchill was the leader of a movement to inspire England to keep fighting Nazi Germany. During this time, the people were overwhelmed by the great army they were facing. Millions of houses in London alone were burned down, and countless numbers of citizens were buried under the rubble. The people themselves were terrorized. Immense starvation, devastation, and destruction darkened the streets ; England was on the verge of yielding to the Nazis. Churchill, however, thought that the Nazis weren’t as invincible as they seemed. He spurred the nation to continue fighting against them, and eventually, lead England to victory. Winston believed that one should never stop fighting against the enemy, never lose hope in the prospect in winning, and most importantly, “Never, Never give up.” Sadly, Churchill died of a stroke in 1965, ending a venturous and inspirational life.


From the perseverance of others, we can learn that there is no adversity we can not topple. Never let people tell you that you're too inadequate to reach your goal because with a will to persevere and a blessing from God, you can do anything. Be ambitious to get through the day with an upbeat attitude and know you have someone to back you up.