I.T.S. 21 Opportunity

FY16 - Spring Cohort

Attention Staff

In the spring of 2012 we announced that “everyone will be eventually immersed in” our Instructional Teaching Strategies for the 21st Century (I.T.S. 21) training program which is intended to provide teachers with a strong and consistent pedagogical base using the eMINTS instructional model (inquiry-based teaching powered by technology). The program’s primary focus is on instructional strategies, but will also provide you with the opportunity to learn ways to integrate technology into the curriculum while expanding and refining your technology skills. Our goals have been to provide this training to ALL PK-12 teachers, while having a positive impact on teacher performance and improve student learning and engagement.

We are now able to offer training to our special education, practical and fine arts teachers during the upcoming semester.

  • Half of the SPED teachers will be part of training beginning in January, and the remaining SPED teachers will participate in a group during the next school year.
  • Practical and fine arts teachers have the opportunity of claiming available slots in this new group or upcoming groups.

This second semester cohort will be limited to a small number and final teacher selection will be determined by the administrators. Depending on our number of teaching positions needing to be replaced in the fall 2016, there is a possibility to receive training during the first semester next year, or the during spring 2017.

Here's your chance

Sessions will be completed during contract PD time, four school days (with substitute provided) and one additional session completed outside of your contract time with compensation in the form of a $20/hour stipend. All teachers will eventually have the opportunity to go through the program. Now is your chance to receive free training, in district with tools to enhance student learning in your classroom.

If you would like to be part of our spring cohort, please complete the form below before November 16th to reserve a spot.

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