Samurai Wanted

Only the best

Are you a true samurai

Did you learn bushido or the warriors code. This governs the samurais fighting daily life and the samurais way of life. Next you must know the history in our lovely country japan all samurai must know of their ancestors. Thirdly you must be a weapons expert. All samurai were experts in a lot of weapons and greater my chance of survival. Lastly you must be willing and able to do whatever i say by no matter what the cost ,samurais were very noble and must respect their lords wishes.

Other requirements I need

First, respect towards their master, and steadiness in all aspects of life. I need respect for you to full fill your duty well. Second, samurai were always polite and respected all in the form of etiquette. If my samurai is polite it will make my life easier and give you rewards. Third, samurai were to always show courage, and bravery while maintaining self-control. The forth requirement is the pursuit of truth, sincerity, and justice. Fifth, simplicity of life and purity. I want the perfect samurai one who is ready to serve with all they have in them and I will keep them at peace.