Student Testimony

Graduate of FUS, Recipient of Education Award 2016

I found that a “typical” Dr. Poyo class at Franciscan University includes opportunities to collaborate with peers and faculty as professionals. As future educators, Dr. Poyo has high standards for her students. She expects to see the latest research, principles, practice, and technology used in a multitude of classroom and field experiences. Most importantly, she is excited to work side by side with her students, permitting us to take the lead, acknowledging times when she, the professor, learns from us. In this way, she supports the professional growth of preservice teachers, encouraging us to take ownership of our own progress.

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During my senior year at Franciscan University, I was truly excited and honored to be a student in the first class developed by Dr. Poyo. "Preparing Teachers for Virtual Contexts" is now a required class for early education majors. This class introduces students to educators who are teaching in virtual classrooms. During the semester, students have the opportunity to teach in this environment. It is an amazing experience! Personally, she encourages and motivates me to explore and exercise my own passion to understand and utilize all the tools available in order to present education and promote learning in a variety of classroom environments. She inspires me to be better than I am.