Much Ado About Nothing

By Maddie Hartig

Casting the Characters

1. The best actor to play Benedick in the play would be Will Ferrell. Benedick is a humorous character throughout the whole play, and Will Ferrell usually plays the funny characters in movies. Will Ferrell is also clever just like Benedick.
2. The best actress for Beatrice’s role is Jennifer Lawrence. Beatrice is a witty character and Jennifer Lawrence is also witty. Also, Jennifer Lawrence is a caring person just like Beatrice is caring to her cousin Hero.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio is the best actor to play Don Pedro. Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Don Pedro are thought out to be well respected men. Also, Don Pedro does not marry in the play and Leonardo DiCaprio is not a married man himself, too.

The Plot

A Big event that happened in the play was Don John’s plan being placed in action. This action created a climax in the play, because it is the most exciting part of the play. This event reveals how evil Don John is towards Claudio. Another big event is when Benedick and Beatrice fall in love. This event moves the plot towards the love theme of the play. Also, during the play Benedick always said he would die a bachelor, but this event reveals he does believe in love. The ending of the play when Hero is revealed to Claudio at their wedding is another big event. This event is the resolution to the plot, because it concludes all the problems that happened in the play. This event reveals Claudio is still very much in love with Hero and love wins in the end.


A central theme in Much Ado About Nothing is that love can make you crazy and love is blind. A song best fit for this theme is Crazy in Love by Beyonce. In the song, Beyonce sings, “And baby you’re making a fool of me, you got me sprung and I don’t care who sees,” which fits Benedick’s feelings towards Beatrice perfectly, because he doesn’t care if his friends know he is in love with Beatrice. Beyonce also sings, “Got me lookin so crazy right now, your love has me lookin so crazy right now,” which also fits Benedick’s love towards Beatrice, because he is willing to challenge his friend to the death for Beatrice. Crazy in Love is the best song to fit the theme of love makes you crazy in the play Much Ado About Nothing.
Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z