Three weeks as an intern

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Main focus of Depelchin

Depelchin offers help in the areas of Mental Health, Adoption services, and Foster care. Depelchin provides families with psychiatric serves, psychological testing and counseling. The foundation works to pair families who are looking to have children with children who are looking for a loving family and home. As well as helping children while in foster care, Depelchin also has a facility that takes 18-22 year olds who have aged out of the foster care system and need more guidance figuring out their lives.

Transition Home

Transitional housing programs are meant to provide temporary housing. In the specific housing facility that is on the Depelchin campus, the program accepts young adults between the ages between 18 through 23 who have aged out of the foster care system or it is also open to young parents with custody of their children. The two main requirements of living in the home is either being enrolled in school or having a job. Essentially, in joining the home, it is reentering back into thee foster care system. The facility is basically like college dorms. There are 2 wings of the home. In both wings there is a kitchen, a lobby and 10 rooms. The rooms each have a small fridge, a bed, a closet, a desk, and a bathroom that contains a toilet, a sink, and a shower. The young adults are each given 200 dollars to use on buying groceries, daily necessities, and also to save so when they get out of the home, they have some money saved up to make it easier to transition. While i was at Depelchin, I was given the opportunity to go on a couple tours and interviews with two 19 year old boys who wanted to be accepted into the program. Both the boys were from another transitional home called the Covenant house. They had both been there since about the time of Thanksgiving and neither had a job. The first boy was African American and was just coming out of a 2 month drug rehab facility for abusing marijuana. The second boy had some developmental issues and explained that he had been in special ed growing up. The boy, Shawn, didn't have much of a filter and the social worker, Erin, quickly put him in his place. When he didn't hold the door open for the other social worker, she told Shawn he had to be a gentleman. Shawn later insulted the bathroom, calling it small and Erin old him he had no right to complain because he wouldn't be paying for anything. Erin was not trying to be rude, but she very firm and was not going to take him talking back to her. Overall, getting to experience the interviews and the tours with the 2 men was eye opening. I was able to hear their life stories and see their struggles as they explained life in foster care.


Holiday Project

One of the main jobs i had during my internship was organizing the toys and necessities donated to Depelchin for the Holiday Project. Debbie Gregg and her team are the main people behind this project. They put the wish lists of the kids out for people to buy the toys and give to the kids in foster care. So many kids got the christmases they wouldn't have had without this program, seeing all the toys showed how giving people are during this time of year but I was also told that this was the main donation time and the toys usually dwindle down by June.

Birthday Buddies

One of the new projects Mrs. Gregg is just starting is called Birthday Buddies. This program works a lot like the Holiday Project except it is