Decline Church Power & 100 Year War

By: Adrian De la Garza, Clayton Peck, and Sam Barrick

Bonaface and Phillip

Pope Bonaface and King Phillip were really the start of the decline. Bonaface felt that the church should have all the power and should be excluded from taxes. While Phillip felt that the clerhy should be taxed.
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Decline of Church Power

The church power began to decline in the 14th century when violence within the cardinals began to erupt. As this violence went on the papal council(head governing body of the church including the pope) move to Avignon in France. This was thought to preserve independence within the church, but the didn't let that happen.

The court would eventually move back to Rome under Pope Gregory. But, after his death there was still problems with the church and the people of Rome. The mostly French council of Cardinals elected a Italian Pope, Pope Urban, to take his place. He made major reforms towards the cardinals upsetting them greatly. The cardinals came back and said that the election of Pope Urban was invalid and then elected Pope Clement. The church would eventually move back to Avignon because of this. Pope Urban would not accept this and got new cardinals to replace the French ones that went with Pope Clement. This would begin the Great Schism.

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The Great Schism

The Great Schism lasted from 1378-1417. Both sides claimed that they had power over the other and all attempts to get them back together failed and only made the situation worse.
The Great Schism (1378-1417)

John Hus

John Hus was a preacher in England who didn't agree with the church. He wanted the church to reform based on the ideas of John Wycliffe. He led a group called the Czechs to the end of excessive power. He was charged heresy and was burned at the stake.
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The end of the decline

The church finally realized that they needed to agree with the political power because they themselves have fallen into a great financial hole. Their funds had been drained and by appeasing their demands they were able to get out of that hole.

The Hundred Years War

The Start

The beginning of the war was because of William the Conqueror and Normandy. When William became King of England he was also the Duke Normandy. After his death the throne and Normandy was passed through the Kings. In 1337 King Phillip of France(yes the same guy) wanted to take the land back.
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The War until the Battle Orleans

The English were fairly dominate winning most of the battles in the war. They won battle at Crecy, Poitiers, and Agencourt.
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Battle of Orleans

In the battle Orleans led by Joan of Arc beat the English and over the next 25 years to took the upper hand and would eventually win the war.
Joan of Arc routing the english army

Joan of Arc

She was a female leader who was graced by god to lead the French. She won major battles for the French, but she was burned at the stake.
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