Walmart Assistant

Javier Rennie

Helps people in walmart.

Everything from helping any customers to being a cashier to stocking. This person works from usually under 8 dollars an hour on their first floor associate job.

Education- To be an assistant, no education is required. For higher jobs like manager, some degrees in business would help.

Dangers-Unhappy customers, not much else. Walmart is very safety oriented. Learning other languages would help to communicate with customers that dont speak english.

Bonuses- All Wal-Mart associates (full and part time) can become eligible for insurance benefits. Thats it theres not really any other benefits for working there.

Salary- On average a walmart sales associate makes around 15,500 dollars a year.

Universities- You dont need to go to any colleges because you dont need education.

Requirements- You need to be drug tested, walmart is very drug free. A backround check is usually performed even though individuals with a criminal record are not necessarily excluded from employment, but if someone is caught lying about their criminal record they would not be able to work at walmart.

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