Art for Novels Contest

$1,000 Prize to the Winner

Up for the challenge?

Complete 5 paintings or drawings by the new year and the top artist wins $1,000 and has their work on the cover of 5 novels. The winning artist will also receive a free copy of each novel featuring their artwork as the cover. Not just any novel, but one of an epic story by new novelist T.B. Taylor.

T. B. Taylor is working on a new novel series with 5 novels in the series in his debut as a novelist and is looking for a unique interpretation for his manuscript book cover.

Rather than give a synopsis of the work to create the art from, this contest simply has two stipulations:

1. The works must tell a visual story of two olive trees from birth to death in five parts

2. Each work has a specific color theme that should be used in a creative way (see contest rules)

That's it! All art styles are welcome; abstract, street art, classical, you name it. All other specifics are left up to artist interpretation. Fill out the entry form at below now and mail artwork by contest deadline.

The winner will be selected based on the author's subjective view of the most creative collection of works, inspiring appearance, and technique. The winning artist will be invited to a press attended reveal of the artwork in Washington, DC.

See instructions for contest details as well as terms and conditions for submission.

Art for Novels Contest

Monday, Aug. 11th, 12am to Monday, Jan. 12th 2015 at 12am

Submit to: 3136 Brinkley Road, Unit 102, Temple Hills, MD, United States 20748

The Contest has started! Deadline is the end of the day of January 11, 2015. All artwork must be post marked no later than this date and must be received by mail no later than April 30th. Submit to address listed above. Fill out entry form listed below.

Contest Rules

The five works of art must display the maturation of two olive trees chronologically from birth to death

How the artist interprets the various stages of birth, maturation, and death is completely subjected to the artist's creative choice

Each work has a color theme. There are no restrictions on how the color should be used only that it should be the main theme of each work. The colors used as themes are listed below in chronological order from birth (first artwork) to death (last artwork):

Green, Blue, White, Black, Red

All submitted work must be able to be photographed in order to be digitized for publication on the novel cover

Digital artwork will not be accepted

All communication will be through email communication including informing the contestants of the final results of the contest

The artwork must be completely original by a single artists. No collaborations

Artist must cover own travel expenses in order to attend the event in Washington, DC revealing the winning artwork as the covers for the series.

Terms and Conditions and Submission Guidelines

Acceptance of the prize money entitles author full and exclusive rights and complete and sole ownership of the artwork with no further royalties or payments due to the artist from book revenue or promotion related material

Artist accepts risk for any returned artwork that may be demaged

All artwork must be submitted by mail to 3136 Brinkley Rd. Unit 102 Temple Hills, MD 20748

Submit entry form below

Submissions must be post marked no later than the deadline for the contest and must arrive no later than the day before the announcement

Winning artwork will not be returned

Contestant's artwork who do not win will be returned upon request and at the artist expense

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