WRE Expansion Update

August 1, 2018

Construction Update

Crews have been working hard over the summer to get our building and campus ready for the first day of school, and we’re excited to show off the progress! Most areas originally projected to be ready by the start of the school year are on or ahead of schedule, including:

-Our new library

-New classrooms in former library space

-New cross-connecting corridor

-Two new art rooms

-New counselor area

-New special education area

-New Furniture in all classrooms

-Technology enhancements in all classrooms

As planned, we will have our full soccer field for recess and outdoor activities when school begins. However, due to the length of the permitting process for the floodplain mitigation work, our playground equipment installation will be delayed by about a month. The good news is, this delay coincides with our hottest time of the school year when outdoor activities are often limited or moved inside.

Also as initially projected, work in two areas will continue into the first semester of the school year, planned around school operations and activities, including:

-Finishes to some hallways and corridors, including flooring, wall tile, ceiling and student locker installation. This work will continue on evenings and weekends and should be finished before winter break.

-Work will continue on the administrative office area this semester, and front office staff will work out of the temporary location (northeast playground entrance) in the meantime. The flagpole and a temporary marquee will be installed in the green space outside the kindergarten wing.

Work on other major project elements is ongoing and will continue throughout the upcoming school year in areas closed off from students and staff. These projects are on schedule to be finished by next summer:

  • New gymnasium
  • New cafeteria & kitchen
  • Rear parking lot & drop off/pick up area
  • Full site floodplain mitigation and drainage

Finally, after this school year, work will begin next summer on the final phase of our expansion, which is the conversion of the existing cafeteria into classroom and storage space. That work is also projected to be finished in advance of the 2019-2020 school year, and our project will be complete.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as our school is transformed to meet the needs of our growing community, and a big thank you to our workers, architects, and staff who have already made so much progress.

School Safety

Student, staff and visitor safety is of the utmost importance at WRE and in RISD, and the district relies upon numerous measures and protocols to encourage and provide a secure environment.

During construction, our Campus Emergency Plan is updated to accommodate the construction process, including an updated emergency exit plan, with, if necessary, temporary exits.

General safety and security standards, include:

• Construction materials stored safely and securely;

• Fences are maintained around supplies, debris, and construction site;

• Construction gates are locked unless a worker is in attendance to prevent unauthorized entry;

• Overhead protection and warning signs are posted;

• Workers wear identification badges

Separation of construction areas and workers from student occupied spaces will occur during the school day. All contractors while on school grounds, either during school hours or otherwise, will be escorted at all times and bare some insignia or pass designated by the school.

We will have a back to school student assembly, and during this time I will update students on the progress of the work and remind them of safety rules while we are under construction.

How to get connected

It is our desire to keep you informed of all that is taking place at school. Up-to-date and additional information will be sent to you through the weekly “Red Folder” and will appear on our school web page. Please save these websites to your favorite bar, like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. By doing this you will be up to date on all the latest and greatest things happening around WRE!


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