Industrilization and Transportation

Improvements in the 19th Century

Transportaion Improvements

The transportational revolution occured during the 1800's in the United States. After that, there were new systems of transportation. Two methods of traveling and trading were the steamboats and the railroad system. During 1840 a large amount of steamboats were used to carry goods and people to the Atlantic. On 1860 around 30,000 miles railroad assosiated closely to every major city in the Eastern United States. Overall, these new developments helped to improve the economy.

Industrialization Improvements

This new generation improved the industrial system. Before 1800 fabricating clothes took a lot of time and people. Fortunately, merchants decided to construct wide textile mills, or factories, close to rivers and streams. Thanks to the factory young women were able to work. As a result, of the successful outcome of industrualization a new system of labor was introduced.
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Factory Working Conditions

A girl fell down and broke her neck, so she had instant death. The mill's floor was very icy which caused accidents. The railroad cars killed an employee. Another man had not all but some bones and ribs broken. The other time an employee almost died by falling and a bale if cotton fall on him.