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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ November 4

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November already?

Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 6.

Medications at School

Schools are able to provide medications to students at school, but there are laws and policies regarding medications at school. One of the most important rules is that students may never bring medicine to school in backpacks. Medication must be brought to the office by a parent or guardian. It is not safe for students to transport medication (no matter how much you trust your child). This includes inhalers, over-the-counter medication, and prescription medications. If you have questions about medication administration at school, please contact our health room para, Mrs. Genduso, by calling 766-5252.

October attendance

At Lakeview in October ...


138 of our students did not miss any days of school in October

86 students missed 1 or 2 days of school

20 students missed 3 or 4 days of school

13 students missed 5 or more days of school

Tardy (on time to school)

195 students were never late to school in October!

54 students were late to school 1 or 2 times

6 students were late to school 3 or 4 times

12 students were late to school 5 or more times

Families will get an official letter from school when your child has missed all or part of 5 days of school, then again at 10 days of school, and then again at 18 days of school. 18 days means your child is chronically truant in the eyes of the law and school board policy, which can lead to a citation (ticket) soon after. Many elementary school families do not realize that is the law that students need to be in school and it is the responsibility of the school to enforce attendance laws and policies.

Some common questions or issues families have regarding attendance:

I didn't send my child to school because he had a runny nose and you are just going to send him home anyway. No, that was only in the hardest part of the Covid pandemic. We have returned to the policies that we had pre-Covid and will not send your child home unless he/she is truly sick.

I called the office and told them my child was sick! The law says you can excuse up to 10 days in a school year (including illness and vacations). The only way to medically excuse a day of school is with a letter from your child's provider (doctor, dentist, ER, etc.)

Do I need to call my child in if they are not going to be in school? Yes, the law says the school must resolve all attendance issues every day. Please help us by calling or emailing by 9:00 a.m. every day that your child will be absent. If we don't hear from you, then we attempt to contact the family to figure out why your child is not in school, but it is so much easier if you contact us.

My child has a chronic health concern and I refuse to send her when I don't want to. You still need to send your child to school. Our district nurse can work you and we can accommodate all kinds of health concerns.

My child tells me he doesn't feel well often. This is where a family needs to help your child understand that there is a difference between truly being sick and a touch of not feeling well (unless Covid symptoms, then we continue to urge caution).

Does being late to school matter? Yes, under the law, being tardy enough could result in the same consequences as being chronically truant. Plus, the routines at the beginning of the school day are so important for students to experience every day.

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PTO Newsletter

Our Lakeview PTO has created a newsletter for our families. Please click the link below it to read about:

• Upcoming family events

• Current fundraisers

We really appreciate our Lakeview PTO. If you came to our dance on Thursday, you helped support the Lakeview PTO. We need help in so many ways. Consider coming to our November PTO meeting on Thursday, November 17 from 7-8 p.m. in the Lakeview Library.

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South Milwaukee Food Drive

South Milwaukee School District is proud to announce our 9th annual district wide food drive. This year’s food drive will be held from Nov. 7th - Nov. 17th. If you are able, we are kindly asking families to send in non-perishable food items and/or personal hygiene items to school with your child. All item donations will be delivered to South Milwaukee Human Concerns on November 18th. We are so excited to make a difference in our community. Thank you in advance for your support! Additionally, South Milwaukee Human Concerns is always accepting monetary donations through their website or In person and by mail.

See the special food theme days for Lakeview - we encourage you to send items like those below on each day of the week from November 7-17 (although we will gladly take any items).

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Golden Lions this week

Here are the Lakeview Golden Lions for this week. We had 44 examples of being safe, respectful, and engaged!

• Jaliyah demonstrates engagement during our class read-alouds. Today she noticed a boy next to her trying to open a special treat for snack. She quietly whispered, “Do you need help?” She didn’t interrupt the story and she helped a classmate. Great job being a respectful student!

• Brett is consistently safe with his body and tools, listens respectfully to instructions, and works his hardest in Art class. He was especially creative with his monster artwork this week. Keep it up, Brett!

• Aubree was focused on painting her paper mache animal in Art class. She made great progress and applied multiple coats of paint to make her project the best it can be. Great work, Aubree!

• Adriana worked very hard on painting her paper mache animal in Art class. She stayed on-task and put in her best effort. Keep it up, Adriana!

• Legend decided to be my recess helper at lunch recess. He nicely walked
around, made sure kindergartners were safe, made sure everyone was playing
nicely and helped kids solve problems. Thanks Legend!

• Henry was really thinking ahead when he was reading about the animal he is researching! He wanted to start taking notes on sticky notes (which we are starting next week) so that he could start gathering facts about his animal. Great job of being engaged and taking charge of your learning! Keep up the great job Henry!!

• Violet was really thinking ahead when she was reading about the animal she is researching! On her own, she started taking notes on sticky notes (which we are starting next week) so that she could start gathering facts about her animal. Great job of being engaged and taking charge of your learning!

• Eliana was really thinking ahead when she was reading about the animal she is researching! On her own, she started taking notes on sticky notes (which we are starting next week) so that she could start gathering facts about her animal. Great job of being engaged and taking charge of your learning!

• Vivvy was really thinking ahead when she was reading about the animal she is researching! On her own, she started taking notes in her notebook (which we are starting next week) so that she could start gathering facts about her animal. Great job of being engaged and taking charge of your learning!

• David has been engaged in our small group work!

• Kaeden is a hardworking student who is always engaged during our small group work.

• Suzan is a hardworking student. She loves to participate in our small group activities.

• Emilio is a hardworking student who is often engaged during small group activities.

• While engaged in a scavenger hunt at the library, Laila paused in her work and gently guided other students where to find specific books they would need to fill out their papers. Thank you for your kindness towards others, Laila!!

• While engaged in a scavenger hunt at the library, Landen heard that another student needed a specific book so he picked one up and handed it to him. Thank you for your kindness, Landen!

• Aaliyah is working hard to learn all of the different vowel sounds, especially hearing and writing the short vowel e. Keep working hard, Aaliyah and bring your books back every day so you can get new books to read at home.

• Aaliyah worked so hard with our UWM field student, Miss Alissa, during Reader's Workshop. She practiced decoding tricky words and looking back in the text to answer questions. Way to go, Aaliyah!

• During Writer's Workshop, John used his summarizing planning sheet to plan and write a paragraph summary about the book, Spookly the Square Pumpkin. He was so engaged during the activity. Good for you, John!

• When I blew the whistle during lunch recess, Mohamed ran to his line spot, faced forward, and turned off his voice to show he was ready for the hallway. Thank you for being so respectful, Mohamed! Mrs. Manthe

• [Name] showed great control over his emotions when faced with a challenging moment. He really kept his cool and was trying to give himself some space.

• Autumn was leading by example at lunch recess. She was helping with a group of first graders and had them playing different appropriate games the entire time. The younger students were really looking up to her and having so much fun. Thank you for being a leader and demonstrating how older students can really set a great example for our younger impressionable students.

• Lina, thank you for being so understanding when someone accidentally stepped on and ripped your Library paper during music. I was so grateful for your gracious response.

• Evan is a kind, respectful student.

• Rainna is a hardworking student.

• Elizabeth is a kind, respectful student.

• Jazmine is a motivated student.

• Saphire has been engaged when practicing letters, sounds, and snap words. Awesome Job!

• Ava is a kind student who is eager to learn. Super job!

• Brett is a kind, hardworking student!

• Brady is a student that consistently steps in to help pick up garbage, both in the lunchroom and in our classroom. I appreciate his efforts in keeping our school a cleaner place to be. Thanks for always being so thoughtful and willing to step in and help!

• Payton is always participating by raising her hand, waiting to be called on and sharing her answer or information. Way to go!!!

• [Name] was very upset when she was asked to fix a problem. After calming down, she came and talked to Mrs. Nicholson and apologized for her words and for what she was doing. Great work accepting when you make a mistake and fixing it!

• Kobe is so focused during our small group reading meetings. I have already noticed an improvement in his fluency. Way to go, Kobe!

• During Math workshop today, we learned about measuring to the nearest 1/4 and 1/2 inch, which was tricky for Annalise. She stayed focused and kept practicing until she figured it out! Way to persevere, Annalise.

• Izzy was really engaged in his math work. He was listening in small group work and applying everything we were working on. By the end of the session he had already shown growth.

• Josey overheard another student needed a supply and didn't know where to get it while I was working with a small group. She kindly got up from her work and got the supply for the student. Josey thanks for jumping in and being kind to others.

• Anna has been working very hard to learn all the ABC letters and the sounds they make. At this time, she is close to knowing all of them. Keep working hard, Anna, to learn all 26 letters and their sounds!

• During recess yesterday, Kaelen noticed a friend was having a problem and was upset. She tried to cheer up her friend by spending time talking with him about things he could think about to feel better. What a kind gesture, Kaelen!

• Jaz used his tools safely during Art class, and was safe with his body. He politely asked his table partner when he needed a marker, and shared his markers. Jaz worked hard to color his "drip" for the hallway mural. Keep it up, Jaz!

• Mario shared his markers with his table partner during Art class. He put all the caps on when he was finished using them. Mario stayed at his seat and did his best to color his "drip" for the hallway mural. Keep it up, Mario!

• Jensen has been extremely engaged during our vocabulary practice! He works very hard everyday to learn and practice using more words in English.

• Wilfred has been extremely engaged during math! He works very hard everyday to learn and practice using more math vocabulary in English.

• Eliezer is very engaged during phonics time. He stays focused and engaged by following directions, and following along on his whiteboard. He is working hard, and he is making so much progress as he continues to grow as a reader!

• Besim has been working incredibly hard on his second story for Unit 1 writing. During writing, he has been committed to adding details to make his writing come alive. He even took his work home with him, and proofread his writing after school! He is engaged with his writing piece at school, and at home!

Roar Awards for Teachers

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.
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Do you like working with children? Do you need extra income? Join the Recreation Department Before and After Care team. Positions available at all schools. Program hours are 7-8:30 a.m. and 3:30-5:45 p.m. email, call 414-766-5932 or stop by the Recreation Department (Door 24) to apply. This is a great opportunity for older members of the community, high school youth or college students!